Misen Non Stick Pan Reviews: Pros, Cons, and Where to Buy


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When considering a purchase of high-quality non-stick cookware for your kitchen, you have probably heard about the Misen non-stick pan. The Misen pan offers professional-grade construction at an affordable price in an effort to provide home cooks with a durable, versatile pan that can handle a variety of cooking tasks. In this article, we will provide a full study of the Misen non-stick pan, weighing its key characteristics, performance, benefits, and drawbacks in light of user comments and internal testing. We’ll also discuss where to get the Misen pan and whether it’s a wise purchase for your home cooking needs. With so many options currently offered on the market at different price points, our goal is to provide you with the information you need to determine if the Misen non-stick pan deserves a spot in your kitchen.

Introduction to Misen Non-Stick Pans

Innovative cookware made for home cooks is called Misen Non-Stick Pans. Misen, which was established in 2016, seeks to offer premium kitchen necessities at reasonable prices. Their aluminum non-stick pans include a PFOA-free non-stick coating for consistent heating and simple food release.

Features and Benefits

  • Aluminum buildingAluminum, a substance that efficiently and uniformly transfers heat, is used to make Misen non-stick pans. Pans made of aluminum are both lightweight and strong.
  • Non-Stick Coating Free of PFOAMisen pans has a PTFE-based non-stick coating rather than certain non-stick coatings’ use of the possibly hazardous chemical PFOA. Foods can be easily released from the coating, and cooking with it uses little or no oil.
  • Maintainable HandleMisen non-stick pan handles are constructed of stainless steel and covered in a heat-resistant silicone grip, allowing you to hold the pan with ease even when it is very hot.
  • You can use Misen non-stick pans on the stovetop and in the oven because they can withstand temperatures of up to 500°F. However, over an extended period of time and at particularly high oven temperatures, the non-stick coating may begin to disintegrate.
  • Misen non-stick pans can be cleaned easily in the dishwasher, however, hand washing with mild detergent is advised to maintain the non-stick coating.

In summary, Misen non-stick pans are a great option if you’re looking for affordable yet high-quality cookware. They have many useful features and are designed to make cooking at home simple and enjoyable for beginners and experienced cooks alike.

Pros of Misen Non-Stick Pans

When considering a non-stick pan, the pros of the Misen option are:

Durability and Longevity

Misen pans are made of heavy-gauge aluminum and coated with a PFOA-free nonstick coating that is highly resistant to scratches and abrasions. With proper care and hand washing, a Misen pan can last many years while still maintaining its non-stick properties. The thick aluminum also allows for even heating, which contributes to the pan’s longevity.

Health and Safety

The non-stick coating on Misen pans is completely PFOA-free, so you don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals leaching into your food. Misen pans are also oven-safe up to 500°F, so you can start cooking on the stovetop and finish in the oven. The stay-cool handle is designed to resist heat for safety.


For quality and performance, Misen pans are very affordable. Misen aims to provide commercial-grade cookware at consumer-friendly prices. A single non-stick pan starts at around $45, much less than comparable brands. Misen frequently runs sales and promotions to make their products even more budget-friendly.


Misen pans make cooking and cleanup convenient. Foods won’t stick, so cooking and flipping are easy. And since nothing sticks to the pan, cleanup only requires a quick wipe with a sponge or a rinse under warm water. The non-stick coating and aluminum material are also dishwasher-safe, though hand washing is recommended to extend the life of the non-stick coating.

In summary, Misen non-stick pans are a great choice for home cooks looking for an affordable, high-quality, and convenient option to upgrade their cookware collection. The pros overwhelmingly outweigh any potential downsides for most users.

Cons of Misen Non-Stick Pans

While the Misen non-stick pans do have several benefits, there are a few potential downsides to consider before purchasing.

One concern with the Misen non-stick pans is their durability. The non-stick coating can start to deteriorate over time with regular use and exposure to high heat. Misen claims their non-stick coating should last 5–10 years with proper care and maintenance. However, some customers have reported the non-stick coating beginning to break down within a year of use. To maximize the lifespan of the non-stick coating, hand wash the pans with a soft sponge and avoid using metal utensils.

Another possible disadvantage is uneven cooking. A few customers have noticed that the Misen pans do not distribute heat as evenly as some other brands, leading to uneven cooking results. This seems to be more of an issue with the smaller pans. If even cooking is a top priority, you may want to consider a pan from a different brand.

Finally, the Misen non-stick pans are not compatible with induction stovetops. The aluminum construction of the pans will not work on an induction range. So, if you have an induction stovetop, the Misen non-stick pans would not be a good option. Misen does sell a stainless steel pan version that is induction compatible, but the non-stick coating is not available on that line.

In summary, while Misen aims to produce high-quality non-stick pans at an affordable price, there are a few potential downsides to be aware of. With proper care and maintenance, many customers find the pros outweigh the cons. But for some, the possible durability issues, uneven cooking, or lack of induction compatibility may be deal breakers. Evaluate your needs and priorities to determine if Misen non-stick pans are the right choice for your kitchen.

Where to Buy Misen Non-Stick Pans

If you’re interested in purchasing Misen non-stick pans, here are the main places where you can buy them:

Misen Website

The primary way to purchase Misen cookware is through their official website, Misen.co.uk. On their site, you can often find sales and promotions to save on their products. Misen frequently runs special introductory offers for first-time customers, like $20 off your first purchase. They also have referral programs where you can get discounts for referring friends.

Purchasing directly from Misen allows you to take advantage of their lifetime warranty and 60-day free return policy. Misen aims to make high-quality, affordable cookware accessible to home cooks, so buying from their website helps support that mission.


Misen non-stick pans are also available for purchase on Amazon.com. While the prices are often the same as on the Misen website, Amazon may charge sales tax in some states. However, Amazon does frequently run general sales on cookware that could apply to Misen products. Amazon also offers free two-day shipping for Prime members.

If there are any quality issues with your order, you will still need to contact Misen directly for warranty claims or returns. Misen’s customer service team can best handle any product issues, questions, or concerns.

Sur La Table

Select Misen non-stick pans and other cookware items can also be found at Sur La Table retail stores across the U.S. and Canada, as well as on SurLaTable.com. Sur La Table is a trusted retailer that sells a variety of high-quality kitchenware and cooking tools. Purchasing Misen products from Sur La Table may be convenient if you prefer to see and handle the cookware in person before buying.

In summary, the ideal places to purchase Misen non-stick pans are directly through Misen.co.uk, their official website, or via trusted retailers like Amazon and Sur La Table. Buying from Misen allows you to take full advantage of their warranty and customer support. While other retailers may occasionally offer sales or promotions on Misen cookware, Misen.co.uk will likely always have the best overall value.

Top 3 Misen Non-Stick Pans

1. Misen Original Nonstick Frying Pan: Nonstick Fry Pans

1. Misen Original Nonstick Frying Pan: Nonstick Fry Pans

A widely sought-after kitchen need that will transform your cooking is the Misen Original Nonstick Frying Pan. This pan’s precise construction seamlessly blends functionality and toughness. Food won’t adhere to the nonstick surface, which makes cooking and cleaning a snap.

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Why Choose It:

The Misen Original Nonstick Frying Pan is a clear winner when it comes to choosing the best nonstick frying pan. Professional and amateur chefs alike rely on it because of its remarkable performance and dependability. This pan ensures uniform heat distribution so you can always get precisely cooked food whether you’re frying, sautéing, or searing.

Key features and specifications:

  • The superior nonstick surface makes cleanup simple and prevents food from sticking.
  • long-lasting performance thanks to a sturdy build.
  • Handle with an ergonomic shape for easy grasp and movement.
  • oven-safe to 500°F, allowing for a variety of cooking techniques.
  • compatible with every type of cooktop, even induction.

User reviews and ratings:

The Misen Original Nonstick Frying Pan’s outstanding functionality and dependability are highly praised by users. Many were grateful for its nonstick surface, which prevented sticking while cooking delicate dishes like fish and eggs. The sturdy design and cozy grip were also complimented for facilitating cooking convenience and simplicity. The vast majority of consumers gave this pan positive reviews, elevating it to the top of the nonstick frying pan market.

2. Misen 10″ Stainless Frying Pan

Misen 10″ Stainless Frying Pan

Any kitchen would benefit from having the Misen 10″ Stainless Frying Pan because it is stylish and functional. This pan delivers greater performance and durability and is made with premium stainless steel. While the ergonomic handle assures comfortable holding and control, the broad cooking surface gives you plenty of room to whip up delectable meals.

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Why Choose It:

The Misen 10″ Stainless Frying Pan is the ideal option if you’re looking for a stainless steel frying pan that produces excellent results. It is perfect for searing, browning, and sautéing a variety of ingredients because of its high-quality construction and effective heat dispersion. You may easily produce cooking outcomes on par with those of a professional chef if you have this pan in your kitchen arsenal.

Key features and specifications:

  • High-quality stainless steel construction for longevity and effective heat transfer.
  • Base that works with induction for a variety of cooking methods.
  • a large cooking surface for more space to cook.
  • An ergonomic handle provides a secure grip and excellent control.
  • Easily switches from the cooktop to the oven thanks to its oven safety up to 500°F.

User reviews and ratings:

The Misen 10″ Stainless Frying Pan has continuously received high marks from users for its great performance and adaptability. They liked how it distributed heat evenly, resulting in perfectly cooked dishes. The ergonomic handle and large frying surface were also mentioned as important qualities that make this pan a pleasure to use. With overwhelmingly great feedback, it’s clear that the Misen 10″ Stainless Frying Pan is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a dependable stainless steel pan.

3. Misen 12″ Stainless Frying Pan

Misen 12″ Stainless Frying Pan

The Misen 12″ Stainless Frying Pan is a culinary workhorse built to fulfill the needs of both professional chefs and family cooks. Its amazing size and ergonomic design make it the ideal tool for easily cooking larger dishes. This pan’s excellent stainless steel construction offers even heat distribution and longevity.

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Why Choose It:

The Misen 12″ Stainless Frying Pan ought to be at the top of your list if you’re looking for a durable frying pan that can manage heavier cooking tasks. It is perfect for family get-togethers and dinner parties because of its ample size, which enables the simultaneous cooking of various components. To reach culinary perfection, you can cook consistently and effectively thanks to the better heat conductivity.

Key features and specifications:

  • Construction in premium stainless steel for outstanding heat distribution and longevity.
  • Larger meals can be prepared on the 12″ cooking surface.
  • Comfortable grip and accurate control are provided by an ergonomic handle.
  • Base that works with induction for a variety of cooking methods.
  • Up to 500°F in the oven, accommodating different cooking styles.

User reviews and ratings:

The Misen 12″ Stainless Frying Pan received raving reviews from users for its excellent performance and sizable frying area. Users cited the capacity to prepare large meals quickly as their favorite feature since it made meal preparation convenient and simple. Positive evaluations were also largely influenced by the ergonomic handle and premium craftsmanship. The Misen 12″ Stainless Frying Pan is unquestionably a top pick for anyone looking for a dependable and adaptable frying pan thanks to its high reviews.

Misen Non-Stick Pan Reviews: Final Verdict

Final Verdict

Based on reviews and ratings across several reputable sites, the Misen Non-Stick Pan receives very positive reviews overall and comes highly recommended. Here is a summary of the pros and cons to consider:


  • High-quality, commercial-grade aluminum construction for fast, even heating. The aluminum core is dense, durable, and covered in a stainless-steel exterior.
  • PFOA-free nonstick coating that is scratch-resistant and metal-utensil safe. The nonstick coating is durable and long-lasting, according to most reviewers.
  • Compatible with all stovetops, including induction. The stainless-steel exterior and aluminum core allow it to work on gas, electric, ceramic, and induction stovetops.
  • Oven-safe up to 500°F. The pan can go from the stovetop to the oven for a variety of cooking techniques.
  • Affordable and budget-friendly. For quality and performance, the Misen Non-Stick Pan is very reasonably priced.


  • Some reviewers note the pan requires more oil than a traditional nonstick pan to prevent sticking. The nonstick coating, while high-quality, may need additional oil, especially when cooking eggs or delicate foods.
  • A few reviewers report the pan warping at high heat. It’s best to avoid extremely high heat when possible and always allow the pan to cool before washing to prevent warping.
  • Limited lifetime warranty, but some parts may not be covered. The warranty covers manufacturing defects but not normal wear and tear or damage from misuse. Check the details for specifics.

In summary, the pros far outweigh the cons for most reviewers. For an affordable, high-quality nonstick pan that delivers professional results, the Misen Non-Stick Pan is an excellent choice. With proper care and cooking at moderate, appropriate temperatures, this pan should provide many years of cooking enjoyment.


In summary, the Misen nonstick pan offers quality and performance at an affordable price. As with any product, it has some downsides to consider based on your needs and cooking style. However, for most home cooks looking for an all-purpose nonstick pan that delivers on its promises, the Misen pan should rank high on their list of options to consider. When you factor in the lifetime warranty and 60-day trial, you have little to lose by giving it a try. For the combination of value, function, and customer-friendly policies, the Misen nonstick pan is worth your consideration and could become a staple in your kitchen for years to come.

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