Gotham Steel Cookware Reviews: What You Need to Know in 2024


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Read unbiased reviews of Gotham Steel cookware from real customers. Learn about the pros and cons, performance, and durability of this popular cookware brand.

You’ve probably seen the infomercials for Gotham Steel cookware and wondered if those nonstick pans are really all they’re cracked up to be. Before you drop a bundle on a full set, you owe it to yourself to read some real reviews from customers who have used this cookware for a while. We dug into reviews from multiple sources to give you the straight scoop on Gotham Steel in 2024 so you can decide if it’s right for your kitchen. Spoiler alert: while Gotham Steel isn’t indestructible and the nonstick coating doesn’t last forever, for the price, many home cooks say it works great and is a solid performer for everyday cooking needs. Read on for all the details to determine if Gotham Steel deserves a spot in your pot and pan collection.

Overview of Gotham Steel Cookware

Gotham Steel cookware has taken the world by storm in recent years. This innovative cookware brand is known for its nonstick ceramic coating called Ti-Cerama which requires little to no oil for cooking and is naturally PTFE, PFOA, and PFC free.

Gotham Steel pans come in a range of sizes, from fry pans to saucepans to stockpots, so you can outfit your entire kitchen. The nonstick coating is scratch-resistant and metal utensil-safe, though wood or silicone tools are still recommended to avoid damage over time.


Many customers report Gotham Steel pans lasting for several years with proper care and use. However, the nonstick coating can start to deteriorate over high, prolonged heat or after hundreds of uses. Some tips to maximize longevity:

    • Hand wash pans after each use and dry completely to avoid water spots

    • Avoid using cooking sprays, as these can build up on the coating

    • Do not preheat pans on high for more than a couple of minutes before adding oil or food

    • Do not use pans in the oven on the broil setting

For the price, Gotham Steel offers impressive performance and a versatile range of cookware to suit most needs. While the coating may require eventual re-seasoning, with proper care and non-abusive use, Gotham Steel pans can be a budget-friendly nonstick option for home cooks. For its innovative Ti-Cerama coating and range of products, Gotham Steel cookware deserves consideration if you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen essentials.

Gotham Steel Pan Materials and Construction

Gotham Steel pans are made from aluminum and coated with a nonstick ceramic coating called Ti-Cerama. This proprietary coating is PTFE, PFOA, and PFOS-free, so you don’t have to worry about any nasty chemicals leaching into your food.

The lightweight aluminum core provides even heating, while the ceramic coating offers superior nonstick performance without oil or butter. This means you can cook eggs, pancakes, and crepes with ease, and food slides right out of the pan. The coating is also scratch-resistant, so you can use metal utensils without worry.

Gotham Steel pans feature a unique textured surface that creates air pockets to help food release easily from the pan. The pans have deep sides, making them suitable for cooking risottos, pasta sauces, and one-pot meals. Their sturdy riveted handles stay cool to the touch, and the pans are oven-safe up to 500 F.

While the nonstick coating does work as advertised initially, some customers have noted that the nonstick effect seems to deteriorate over time with regular use and washing. The coating may start to chip or scratch, even with proper care and handling. However, with gentle, hand washing and conditioning the pan with oil, a Gotham Steel pan should last 2-5 years for a household.

For the price, Gotham Steel offers high-quality, nonstick pans that should meet the needs of most home cooks. If you’re looking for an eco-friendly nonstick pan and don’t mind replacing it in a few years, Gotham Steel could be a great, affordable option for your kitchen.

Ease of Use – How Nonstick Are Gotham Steel Pans?

Gotham Steel pans are advertised as ultra nonstick, but do they live up to the hype? According to customer reviews, the nonstick coating works extremely well for most types of cooking. Eggs, pancakes, and omelets slide right out of the pan with little residue left behind. The nonstick surface is durable and stands up to metal utensils, though wood or plastic are still recommended to avoid scratches.

Effortless Cleaning

One of the biggest benefits of the nonstick coating is how easily Gotham Steel pans clean up. Simply rinse with hot water and wipe clean – no need for scrubbing or harsh detergents. The slick surface prevents baked-on messes and burnt bits, so you’ll spend less time doing dishes and more time enjoying your meal. Some owners report that food releases so well from the pan that it’s hard to get good fond or browned bits for making pan sauces. If browning is important for your cooking style, you may need to use an alternative pan.

Versatile and Durable

Gotham Steel pans can handle a wide range of stovetop cooking techniques, from searing and browning to simmering and sautéing. The forged aluminum construction distributes heat evenly for consistent results. Although relatively lightweight, the pans feel sturdy and high quality. The nonstick coating is said to last for years with proper care and use. As with any nonstick pan, avoid using metal utensils which can scratch the coating.

For nearly effortless cooking and cleanup, Gotham Steel pans appear to deliver on their promise of being ultra-nonstick. While a few owners report issues with the coating wearing off over time, the majority of customers find the pans to be versatile, durable, and a great value for the price. If you’re looking for an affordable set of nonstick pans to simplify your cooking, Gotham Steel seems like a brand worth considering. Let us know if you have any other questions!

Durability and Longevity – How Durable Are Gotham Steel Pans?

When it comes to durability, Gotham Steel pans are a solid mid-range option. They’re made of aluminum with a nonstick ceramic coating, so they’re reasonably sturdy and scratch-resistant but won’t last forever. Here’s what you can expect:

    • With proper care and hand washing, a Gotham Steel pan should last 3-5 years of regular home cooking use before needing replacement. The nonstick coating will start to deteriorate over time and with frequent use, especially over high heat. Re-seasoning the pan can help extend its life, but won’t prevent the coating from eventually breaking down.

    • Gotham Steel pans are not indestructible. The lightweight aluminum can dent or warp if overheated or subjected to abrupt temperature changes. Don’t use metal utensils which can scratch the coating and don’t broil or sear at extremely high temperatures. Hand wash only – no dishwasher!

    • Some users report the nonstick coating chipping or peeling after a few months. This seems to happen more often if pans are overheated, scratched, or cleaned in the dishwasher. When properly cared for, most people get at least a couple of years of solid performance before issues arise.

    • Gotham Steel offers a lifetime warranty but only covers manufacturing defects. Damage from misuse or normal wear and tear is not covered. The company may offer a one-time 50% off coupon for a replacement pan if contacted within the first year.

While not the most durable or long-lasting cookware, Gotham Steel pans can work well for everyday cooking if you go in with realistic expectations. Follow the care instructions, avoid overheating and abrasive cleaning, and your pan should provide good nonstick performance for a reasonable period of time before needing replacement. For heavier-duty or more serious cooking, you may want to consider other, more high-performance options.

Cleaning and Care of Gotham Steel Cookware

To keep your Gotham Steel cookware looking and performing its best, proper cleaning and care are important. Here are some tips to follow:

Hand Washing

For nonstick coatings, hand washing is recommended. Gently wash Gotham Steel pans in warm water with a soft sponge or nylon scrubber. Avoid using harsh abrasive cleaners, strong detergents, or abrasive sponges which can damage the nonstick coating. Rinse thoroughly with water and dry completely to prevent water spots.

Dishwasher Safe

While hand washing is preferable, Gotham Steel pans are dishwasher safe on the top rack only using a non-abrasive detergent. However, frequent dishwashing may shorten the lifespan of the nonstick coating. It’s best to hand wash when possible and only run in the dishwasher occasionally.

Avoid Metal Utensils

Use only wooden, plastic, or silicone utensils with nonstick Gotham Steel cookware. Metal utensils like forks, knives, and whisks can scratch and damage the coating, reducing its effectiveness over time.

No Abrasive Cleaners

Do not use any abrasive cleaners, strong detergents (like oven cleaners), or abrasive sponges/scrubbers on Gotham Steel cookware. These can strip and damage the nonstick coating. Mild dish soap and soft sponges are best.


Over time and with frequent use, the nonstick coating on Gotham Steel pans may lose some of its effectiveness. To re-season the pan, coat it with a little high-heat cooking oil like canola or peanut oil and heat in a 300 F oven for about an hour. Let cool and wipe clean with a paper towel. Repeat if needed. This will help revive the nonstick properties.

By properly caring for your Gotham Steel cookware, your pans should provide high-performance, nonstick cooking for many meals to come. Following these simple tips will help keep your cookware in great shape and performing at its best. Treat your Gotham Steel well and it will serve you well for years of cooking enjoyment!

Gotham Steel Cookware Sets and Pieces

Gotham Steel offers cookware sets ranging from 5 to 15 pieces as well as open stock pans, skillets, saucepans, and more. Their most popular products are nonstick ceramic and titanium frypans, but they also sell stainless steel pots and pans.

Nonstick Cookware Sets

Gotham Steel’s flagship product is its nonstick ceramic cookware. Their original cookware set includes a 9.5” fry pan, a 2.2-quart saucepan with a lid, and a 5-quart stockpot with a lid. It’s a great starter set for a single person or couple and comes in at under $100.

For families or those who do a lot of batch cooking, Gotham Steel’s Ultimate 15-piece set includes three frypans (9.5”, 11”, 12.5”), two saucepans (1.5-quart, 2.5-quart) with lids, a 5-quart Dutch oven with lid, and a 9.5” square pan. It offers a lot of versatility for less than $200.

Both sets are made of aluminum with Gotham Steel’s Ti-Cerama coating, which is PTFE-free, PFOA-free, and metal utensil-safe. The nonstick surface makes cooking and cleanup a breeze.

Stainless Steel Cookware

For those who prefer stainless steel, Gotham Steel’s stainless steel cookware set includes five basic pieces: 8” and 10” fry pans, 1.5-quart and 3-quart saucepans with lids, and an 8-quart stockpot with lid. The tri-ply construction with an aluminum core ensures even heating and the stainless steel exterior is durable and dishwasher safe.

Skillets and Griddles

In addition to cookware sets, Gotham Steel sells popular single items like their nonstick ceramic skillets (available in 8”, 9.5”, 11”, and 12.5” sizes), double-sided griddles, and a jumbo electric skillet. Their skillets are very affordable, starting at around $20 for an 8” skillet and up to $40 for a 12.5” skillet.

The bottom line is that Gotham Steel offers quality, budget-friendly cookware for most cooking needs. Their nonstick and stainless steel cookware provides good performance and durability for the price. For versatility and value, their cookware sets are a great option for any home cook.

Cost and Value – Are Gotham Steel Pans Worth It?

Gotham Steel pans are affordable, but are they worth the investment? Here are some factors to consider regarding the cost and value of Gotham Steel cookware.

Initial cost

A single Gotham Steel pan starts around $20-$30, while a full 10-piece cookware set runs $100-$200. This is very budget-friendly compared to other nonstick or stainless steel brands. The low price point makes Gotham Steel appealing if you’re on a tight budget or just starting to build your kitchen collection.


Gotham Steel pans are made of aluminum with a titanium-infused ceramic nonstick coating. While the nonstick coating is scratch-resistant and metal utensil-safe, it will degrade over time with normal use and care. You can expect a few years of good nonstick performance before needing to replace the pan. Proper care like not overheating the pan or using abrasive cleaners can help extend the lifespan.

Replacement costs

Due to the nonstick coating wearing down over time, you’ll need to replace your Gotham Steel pans every few years to maintain good nonstick cooking performance. While the initial cost of each pan is low, continually having to replace them may end up costing more in the long run compared to other longer-lasting cookware options.

Additional features

Gotham Steel pans provide good nonstick cooking at a budget-friendly price but lack some of the extra features found in higher-end brands. They are not induction-compatible and do not have the same heat distribution as multi-ply or fully-clad stainless steel cookware.

Overall, Gotham Steel pans can be a good value for basic nonstick cooking on a budget. However, their shorter lifespan means higher replacement costs over time. For the best value, only buy what you need and take good care of your Gotham Steel cookware to maximize its nonstick performance. If you’re looking for high-performance, long-lasting cookware, you may want to spend a bit more on a reputable multi-ply or stainless steel brand.

Customer Reviews and Ratings of Gotham Steel Pans

Gotham Steel cookware gets very good reviews from most customers for its performance and durability. Many home cooks love how versatile, non-stick, and easy-to-clean these pans are. However, some say the non-stick coating can scratch or peel over time with improper use or care.

Positive Reviews

    • “These pans are amazing! Everything just slides right out. I don’t have to use oil or butter and there’s no sticking at all.”

    • “We’ve been using our Gotham Steel pan for over a year and it still works like new. It’s very durable and scratch-resistant.”

    • “This is the best non-stick pan I’ve ever used. It’s extremely versatile and can be used on the stovetop or in the oven.”

Critical Reviews

    • “The non-stick coating started peeling off after a few months of use. I was very disappointed with how quickly it broke down.”

    • “If you use metal utensils, the coating will scratch. You have to be very careful only to use wood, plastic, or silicone tools.”

    • “The pan warped badly the first time I used it on high heat. I would not recommend using it for searing or browning.”

Overall, Gotham Steel pans gets very solid reviews and ratings from customers, especially considering the affordable price. Many home cooks say these pans perform as well as or better than more expensive brands. If you properly care for them by hand washing, avoid using harsh detergents, and only use non-metal utensils, Gotham Steel pans should last a long time and provide excellent non-stick cooking performance for most types of stovetop cooking and baking needs. For high-heat searing, you may want to consider a pan specifically designed for that purpose. But for everyday cooking, Gotham Steel offers a great value for the money according to most customer reviews.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions About Gotham Steel Cookware

Gotham Steel cookware has become popular in recent years, but as with any product, there are common questions people have before purchasing. Here are some of the FAQs about Gotham Steel pans and pots to help you make an informed decision.

    • Is Gotham Steel really nonstick? Yes, Gotham Steel pans have a ceramic coating that provides natural nonstick performance without PTFE or PFOA chemicals. Food easily releases from the pan surface with little oil or butter needed. However, the nonstick coating may degrade over time with heavy or abrasive use. Proper care and hand washing can maximize the lifespan.

    • Is Gotham Steel dishwasher safe? Gotham Steel cookware should not be washed in the dishwasher. The harsh detergents can damage the nonstick coating. Hand wash Gotham Steel pans after each use with hot water and mild dish soap, then dry completely to keep the cookware in good condition.

    • Is Gotham Steel oven safe? Most Gotham Steel pans are oven-safe up to 500 F. However, the handles are not oven-safe and may melt under high heat. It is best to not place Gotham Steel pans directly under an oven broiler. Always use proper oven mitts when handling a hot pan.

    • Where is Gotham Steel made? Gotham Steel cookware is manufactured in China. The company was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in New York, NY.

    • Does Gotham Steel work on induction stovetops? No, Gotham Steel cookware will not work on induction stovetops. Gotham Steel pans have an aluminum base and work on gas, electric, and ceramic glass stovetops. For induction cooking, choose a cookware option that uses magnetic stainless steel.

    • Is Gotham Steel worth the money? For many home cooks, Gotham Steel represents an affordable, nontoxic option for nonstick cookware. However, the lower price point also means a shorter lifespan. With proper care and moderate use, a Gotham Steel pan should last 2-5 years before needing replacement. For some, the convenience and natural nonstick performance outweigh the shorter lifespan. For others, a higher quality set may be a better long-term value.


Here it is, a sincere examination of what actual consumers have to say about Gotham Steel cookware. It has advantages and disadvantages like anything else, but all things considered, it looks to be a reliable mid-range brand that offers decent value for the money. Consider Gotham Steel if you’re searching for affordable, long-lasting nonstick cookware. Just enter with reasonable expectations regarding its longevity and performance. If you take good care of it, it should last you several years of frequent cooking at a good price. With this information, you can determine whether Gotham Steel is a good fit for your kitchen. Cheers to cooking and good food!

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