Amana vs Whirlpool: Which Appliance Brand is Right for You?


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Learn about the key differences between the two brands, including features, price, and quality. Get the information you need to make the best decision for your home.

You’ve decided between Whirlpool and Amana as your top choices for new kitchen equipment. Excellent decisions. These brands have a good reputation, provide high-quality goods at affordable costs, and ought to last for many years. How about your house and yourself? Which one is best? Amana and Whirlpool are similar in several important ways, yet there may be a better match with one brand over the other. Make an educated choice by learning about each brand before you visit the shop. You may pick the appliances that fit your requirements and budget by using our guide, which will give you the facts on Amana and Whirlpool, whether you’re looking for a high-tech range to satisfy your inner chef or a simple fridge to keep the necessities cold.

Overview of Amana and Whirlpool Brands

Among the most well-known appliance brands both domestically and internationally are Amana and Whirlpool. Refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers, washers, and dryers are available under both Whirlpool Corporation names. When choosing between Whirlpool and Amana appliances, there are a few important distinctions to take into account.

Pricing and Features

Amana is Whirlpool’s budget-friendly brand, offering basic features at lower price points. Whirlpool is positioned as a mid-range brand with more advanced features and styling at a moderate cost. So if cost is a concern, Amana will likely save you more money upfront. However, Whirlpool appliances may have more options to choose from and last longer.

Performance and Reliability

Whirlpool appliances are generally viewed as higher quality and more durable, with fewer repairs needed over the lifetime of the product. Amana, while more affordable, may need service calls more often due to lower-quality components. Of course, proper maintenance and care can extend the life of any appliance, regardless of brand. But if longevity and reliability are priorities, Whirlpool is probably your best bet.


Most new Amana and Whirlpool appliances come with a 1-year limited warranty. However, Whirlpool often offers longer, more comprehensive warranties as an upgrade or with certain higher-end models. So if peace of mind is important, check the specific warranty coverage for any models you’re interested in. Warranties can give you assurance in the unlikely event of issues with workmanship or defects.

In the end, you need to weigh the pros and cons of Amana vs Whirlpool based on your own needs, budget, and priorities. But with a little research, you can find appliances from either brand to suit your home.

Major Product Offerings: Refrigerators, Ranges, Microwaves

Major Product Offerings Refrigerators, Ranges, Microwaves

When it comes to major appliances, Amana and Whirlpool are two of the biggest names in the game. Both brands offer reliable, affordable options for your kitchen and laundry room, but there are some key differences to consider.


Amana is known for basic, budget-friendly fridges that get the job done. Models like the Amana ABB2224BRB offer standard features at a lower price point. Whirlpool, on the other hand, is a step up with options like the Whirlpool WRB322DMBM with conveniences such as adjustable shelves, gallon door storage, and an ice maker. If high-tech extras matter to you, Whirlpool is probably your best bet.

Ranges and Ovens

For stovetops and ovens, Amana focuses on simple but dependable models for an affordable price. Their ranges typically have coil burners or basic smooth-top cooktops. Whirlpool provides more variety, from basic to gourmet, with options such as gas ranges, induction cooktops, double ovens, convection baking, and other chef-worthy features for the cooking enthusiast.


When it comes to microwaves, both Amana and Whirlpool offer comparable countertops and over-the-range models across a range of sizes, power levels, and price points. You really can’t go wrong with either brand here, so you might as well choose based on your preferred style and budget.

At the end of the day, while Amana is a solid choice if budget and simplicity are your priorities, Whirlpool gives you more possibilities for upgraded features and high performance. But whichever direction you go, you can count on reputable, durable products to warm up your kitchen for years to come.

Key Differences in Features and Technologies

When deciding between Amana and Whirlpool appliances, several key differences in features and technology can help determine which brand is the best choice for your needs.

Energy efficiency

Both brands offer energy-efficient models, but Whirlpool generally has more options with the latest efficiency certifications. Their refrigerators, washers, and dryers frequently meet or exceed Energy Star requirements. Amana also has efficient models, but not as many in the highest tiers. If maximizing energy and cost savings is a top priority, Whirlpool would likely be your best bet.

Smart home connectivity

Whirlpool is ahead of the curve when it comes to smart appliances and connectivity. Most of their major appliances either come smart-enabled or have the option to add smart modules to monitor and control the units from your mobile device. Amana has some options with basic smart connectivity but not nearly as advanced or widely available as Whirlpool’s offerings. For a high-tech, futuristic kitchen, Whirlpool’s smart appliances would be ideal.

Pricing and budgets

In general, Amana appliances are very budget-friendly and affordable. They offer basic but dependable options for those on a tight budget. Whirlpool also has affordable models but their products span a wider range of price points, all the way up to high-end, commercial-grade appliances. So, if low cost is most important, Amana would likely suit you well. But if you want more features and flexibility in pricing, Whirlpool gives you more choices.

In the end, both Amana and Whirlpool produce reliable, well-made appliances that should provide many years of service. But when it comes down to specific features, efficiency, connectivity, and budget, one brand may meet your needs just a bit better. Considering how often you’ll use and depend on these appliances, it’s worth taking the time to make the choice that’s right for your home.

Comparing Build Quality and Durability

Durability and construction quality are two of the most crucial things to compare between Amana and Whirlpool appliances. Although these brands are quite similar, it’s important to note significant variances.

Materials and Components

Both Amana and Whirlpool appliances are made with premium, long-lasting materials and parts. Models from either brand often include features like copper or aluminum wiring, stainless steel exteriors, and name-brand compressors from manufacturers like GE. Whirlpool does, however, have a little advantage in this regard and is renowned for having invented a number of novel materials and technology. For instance, Whirlpool invented the first laundry set with a wash basket made of stainless steel, and its refrigerators often include humidity-controlled crisper drawers and spill-proof shelves.

Reliability and Lifespan

Amana and Whirlpool are also quite equally matched in terms of dependability and longevity. When large appliances like refrigerators, stoves, washers, and dryers are maintained and cared for properly, most owners say that their equipment last 10 to 15 years. Additionally, both products score well in evaluations and reviews from J.D. Power and Consumer Reports. Amana and Whirlpool are known for their dependable performance for many years, while certain models may need more frequent maintenance.


Amana and Whirlpool both have warranties that are similar. A one-year parts and labor guarantee is included with the majority of appliances from both brands. Additional warranties ranging from 5 to 10 years are also included with some models for compressors, motors, or other important parts. Although the two companies’ warranty coverage is comparable, Amana could have a little edge in this case since some of their appliances feature 2-year comprehensive warranties or reasonably priced extended warranty options.

Ultimately, depending on construction quality and longevity, you may choose Amana or Whirlpool appliances with confidence. Both manufacturers manufacture durable, high-quality items that should survive for many years in your house, despite minor variations. The brand and particular models that are the greatest match for you should be determined by your requirements, tastes, and financial situation.

How Prices and Warranties Compare

Two key considerations when comparing Amana and Whirlpool appliances are pricing and warranty. Both manufacturers have high-end versions at various price ranges in addition to inexpensive, budget-friendly choices. To be taken into account are certain variations in their warranty coverage, nevertheless.

Amana Pricing

Amana is generally considered a more affordable brand, with basic models starting around $400 to $700 for major appliances like refrigerators, ranges, washers, and dryers. Their mid-range and premium models typically range from $800 to $2,000. Amana’s lower prices do mean some trade-offs in extra features and styling. But for reliable, functional appliances on a budget, Amana is a solid choice.

Whirlpool Pricing

Whirlpool also has products at a range of price levels, from about $500 up to $3,000 or more for large appliances. Their mid-range and higher-end models tend to cost slightly more than comparable Amana models. However, Whirlpool frequently runs sales and promotions that can help offset the difference. They are also often priced competitively with other mainstream brands like GE, Samsung and Bosch. So while Whirlpool may cost a bit more upfront, their appliances are designed to provide good long-term value.


  • Amana typically offers 1-year warranties on parts and labor for major
    appliances. Some models include 3 to 5-year limited warranties on certain
    components like compressors.
  • Whirlpool provides 1-year warranties for parts and labor and up to 5-year
    limited warranties on some models. They also frequently offer extended
    service plans for purchase.
  • Both Amana and Whirlpool receive average to above-average reviews for
    reliability and customer service if repairs are needed under warranty.

In the end, while Amana may save you a bit upfront, Whirlpool’s slightly higher prices are often offset by more generous warranties, frequent sales, and a reputation for dependable, long-lasting appliances. Either brand can be a great choice—you just need to weigh the pros and cons for your own needs and budget.

Reviewing Available Styles and Finishes

When choosing between Amana and Whirlpool appliances, an important factor to consider is the available styles and finishes offered by each brand. Both Amana and Whirlpool produce a range of appliances in various styles to suit any home decor.

Standard Finishes

  • Both brands offer popular finishes like stainless steel, black stainless
    steel, slate, and white. Stainless steel is a timeless, neutral option that
    complements most kitchen designs. Black stainless steel and slate provide an
    edgier, more modern look. And of course, white finishes are crisp and clean.

Premium Styles

  • Amana offers their Artisan line, which has high-end finishes such as matte
    black, matte white, and brushed bronze, for individuals who want a more
    upscale appearance. In addition, Whirlpool creates chic, high-end lines like
    the Ice and Sunset Bronze collections, which have distinctive textured and
    metallic surfaces. Although these premium lines are more expensive, they
    have a striking effect on your kitchen.

Customizable Options

  • You may modify the appearance of many Amana and Whirlpool models by mixing
    and matching the handles, knobs, and trim. A variety of handles in finishes
    such as chrome, oil-rubbed bronze, and brushed nickel are available from
    both companies. If you want an appliance that precisely fits the fixtures
    and décor in your kitchen, having the opportunity to choose the hardware is
    a terrific choice.

French Door and Side-by-Side Styles

  • Whirlpool and Amana provide a variety of models and features for those
    seeking side-by-side or French-door refrigerators. Side-by-side
    refrigerators have a greater selection of designs, including some of the
    more expensive metallic and textured alternatives, while French door
    refrigerators usually have more conventional finishes. The final decision is
    on the particular aesthetic you want to accomplish for your kitchen.

In conclusion, Amana and Whirlpool both manufacture appliances with comparable basic finishes, but if aesthetics and design are important to you, Whirlpool has some more upscale and customized alternatives. However, you may choose an appliance that meets your demands and blends in with the design of your house with any brand.

Where Products Are Manufactured

The manufacturing locations of Amana and Whirlpool appliances should be taken into account when making your decision. Both companies have manufacturing facilities abroad in addition to producing select models locally in the United States.


Whirlpool Corporation owns Amana, and the majority of its appliances are
produced in Whirlpool facilities, some of which are located in the US. Some
Amana models are, nonetheless, imported from other countries. Every product
should have its precise nation of origin indicated on the Amana website or by
the merchant. Higher-end Amana appliances, such as their commercial microwaves
and ranges, are often manufactured in the US, however, less expensive ones
could be imported.


Like Amana, Whirlpool manufactures many of its appliances in the US, especially its top-rated and commercial-grade models. Whirlpool operates several US factories, including some in Ohio, Michigan, and Tennessee. However, Whirlpool also has manufacturing facilities in Mexico, Poland, Brazil and China. Many standard Whirlpool appliances sold in the US, like washers, dryers, and refrigerators are imported from these locations.

When deciding between the two brands, consider how important the country of origin is to you. Domestically made appliances may appeal to those wanting to support US manufacturing or are concerned with quality. Imported models are often more affordable. The specific source of each product can usually be found on the brand’s website or through a quick search online.

In summary, while both Amana and Whirlpool produce some high-quality, US-made appliances, especially in their premium product ranges, a number of their popular, lower-priced models are manufactured overseas. By checking where each individual appliance is made, you can determine which brand and product best fits your needs and priorities. Focusing on factors like features, performance, dependability, and budget will ultimately help guide you to the right choice for your home.

Customer Satisfaction Ratings and Reviews

When deciding between major appliance brands like Amana and Whirlpool, customer reviews and ratings can provide valuable insight. Both brands receive positive reviews overall, but there are some differences to consider based on individual appliances and features.

Amana Reviews

Amana is known for producing affordable, dependable appliances that get the
job done. Many customers praise Amana for simplicity, value, and reliability.
However, some note that their appliances lack advanced features and style.

  • Washing machines and dryers receive very good reviews, with customers
    appreciating their cleaning power and durability for the price.
  • Refrigerators also rate well, especially for spaciousness, temperature
    control, and affordability. Some mention occasional issues with ice makers
    or seals needing replacement.
  • Ovens and cooktops get mixed reviews. Some enjoy their functionality and
    budget-friendliness, while others wish for improved temperature accuracy or
    more premium features.

Whirlpool Reviews

Whirlpool is a reputable brand that offers innovative features at a range of price points. Reviews frequently mention Whirlpool’s stylish, high-quality products with useful extras. However, some customers find certain appliances overpriced for what they offer or experience technical issues.

  • Washers and dryers, especially their front-load models, are rated very
    highly for performance, capacity, and energy efficiency. Reliability is a
    concern for some.
  • Refrigerators receive great reviews for attractive style, organizational
    options, and temperature control. Occasional complaints about noise,
    icemaker issues, or durability.
  • Ovens, especially double wall ovens, are praised for even cooking, useful
    features like air frying and convection, and attractive styling. Some report
    temperature inaccuracies or wish for lower price points.

In the end, you’ll need to weigh factors like budget, features, quality, and style to determine if Amana or Whirlpool is the best choice for your home appliance needs. Checking updated reviews on specific models you’re interested in can help make your decision easier. With proper care and maintenance, either brand can provide many years of reliable service.

Which Brand Is the Right Choice for Your Home?

At this point, you should have a good sense of the key differences between Amana and Whirlpool appliances. Now it’s time to determine which brand is the best choice for your home and needs. Here are some factors to consider:

Your Budget

If budget is a concern, Amana typically offers lower prices across most major appliance categories like refrigerators, ranges, washers, and dryers. Whirlpool is usually a step up in price, though they frequently run sales and promotions to make their products more affordable. Think about how much you can spend and which brand offers good value at your price point.


Whirlpool is known as an industry leader for new and innovative features. If having the latest bells and whistles is important to you, Whirlpool probably has an edge. They offer more smart home connectivity, advanced cooking and cleaning functions, and energy-efficient options. Amana focuses more on dependability and value, with basic but solid features at lower costs.


Amana has a more basic style, suitable for those wanting function over form. Whirlpool offers contemporary, transitional, and professional-style options with premium finishes to complement modern home decor. If matching your appliances to your home’s style is a priority, Whirlpool provides many choices.

Repair and Reliability

Both Amana and Whirlpool manufacture appliances with solid reputations for dependability and longevity. However, some reviews do give Whirlpool a slight edge for build quality and lower repair rates. Amana is also owned by Whirlpool Corporation, so you’ll get similar warranties and customer support from either brand.

In the end, the right choice comes down to you and what factors matter most for your needs and budget. Amana can be ideal if affordability and value are top concerns. But for advanced features, premium style, and the latest in home appliance innovation, Whirlpool is probably your best bet. With either brand, you can count on many years of reliable performance from your new appliances.


That concludes our brief comparison of Amana and Whirlpool. These companies provide high-quality, reasonably priced appliances that fit well in every kind of house. But in the end, you have to do what suits your demands, your money, and your own preferences. Amana could be just what you’re searching for if you want something simple yet trustworthy. If you’re more interested in stylish and high-tech amenities, Whirlpool is definitely your best option. Ultimately, it’s impossible to go wrong with either brand. All that’s left to do is visit your neighborhood appliance shop to choose your new dream washer, dryer, refrigerator, or other equipment that suits your needs. I hope you have fun shopping and locate some items that will lighten your load!

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