Delta Recertified Faucets: Save Money and Get Top Quality


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Delta Recertified Faucets are the perfect way to save money and get
top-quality faucets for your home. These faucets are returned or overstock
items that have been inspected and certified to meet Delta’s high standards.
With a 10-year warranty and free shipping, you can be sure you’re getting a
great deal. Shop our selection of Delta Recertified Faucets today!

Have you been thinking about upgrading the faucets in your home but don’t want
to spend a fortune? Delta Recertified faucets are a great way to save money
and still get a high-quality product. As one of the leading faucet brands,
Delta is known for its style, innovation, and reliability. Their recertified
faucets go through a rigorous reconditioning process so you can get that same
great Delta quality at a fraction of the retail price.

Whether you need a new kitchen faucet to make meal prep and cleanup easier or
want to refresh your bathroom with a stylish new fixture, Delta Recertified
has plenty of options to choose from. You’ll find premium faucets in classic
and contemporary styles that will complement any decor. Stop overpaying and
start saving with Delta Recertified. Upgrading your home has never been so
affordable. With prices up to 70% off retail, you can outfit your whole house
with a brand you trust without draining your wallet.

What Are Delta Recertified Faucets?

Delta recertified faucets are faucets that were returned to Delta, inspected,
tested, reconditioned, and repackaged to meet Delta’s high-quality standards,
all at a fraction of the cost of a new fixture. These budget-friendly faucets
work and look like new but are more affordable, helping you save money on your
kitchen or bath remodel.

Recertified doesn’t mean used or scratched and dented. Delta thoroughly tests
each faucet to ensure proper functioning before reconditioning and repackaging
it. They replace any worn or damaged parts and re-inspect the faucet to
confirm everything is in perfect working order. The faucet is then repackaged
with new installation hardware, supply lines, and components.

When you purchase a Delta recertified faucet, you get the same high-quality,
stylish faucet you expect from Delta for less. Whether you choose a pull-down
kitchen faucet, single-handle bathroom faucet, or another style, you can count
on the same performance, durability, and good looks as a new Delta faucet. The
only difference is the lower price.

Recertified faucets also come with the same great Delta warranty as new
faucets. So, you can buy with confidence, knowing your purchase is backed by a
trusted brand. For extra savings without sacrificing quality or style, Delta
recertified faucets are an ideal solution. Updating your home has never been
so affordable.

Why pay more when you can get premium Delta quality and performance in a
recertified faucet? Check out the selections on Delta’s website or at your
local home improvement store. With a wide range of kitchen and bath faucets to
choose from, you’re sure to find options that suit your needs, style, and

How Delta Recertifies Used Faucets

Have you ever wondered what happens to all the faucets that get returned or
have minor cosmetic damage? Delta saves them from the landfill by thoroughly
testing and recertifying them to like-new working conditions.

Delta’s recertification process is extremely rigorous. Once a faucet is
returned, Delta technicians completely disassemble it down to every o-ring and
washer. They test each part to ensure there are no leaks or other functional
issues before reassembling the entire faucet. Every recertified faucet is then
tested to guarantee it meets the same performance standards as a brand-new

This means you can buy a recertified Delta faucet with confidence, knowing
you’re getting a high-quality product that will last for years to come. And
because recertified faucets cost up to 50% less than new faucets, you end up
saving a bundle. It’s really a win-win.

Delta recertified faucets come with the same great warranty as new Delta
faucets. So if anything does go wrong, you have the peace of mind of Delta’s
support and customer service. Many people find that recertified faucets work
just as well as new faucets, all while being gentler on the wallet.

If saving money and helping the environment sounds good to you, consider a
recertified Delta faucet for your next renovation or new home project. You’ll
get a top-rated, water-efficient faucet for a fraction of the usual cost. And
you can feel good knowing you’re reducing waste by giving a perfectly good
product new life. It’s a small change that makes a big difference.

The Benefits of Choosing a Recertified Faucet

Choosing a recertified Delta faucet for your home offers several benefits over
buying a new one.

Save Money

Recertified Delta faucets provide the same quality and performance as new
models but at a fraction of the cost. Delta thoroughly tests and inspects each
recertified faucet to ensure it meets its high standards before reselling. You
get the same lifetime warranty and can save anywhere from 20-50% off retail
pricing. For budget-conscious homeowners or those on a tight renovation
budget, the savings can really add up, especially if you need to replace
multiple faucets.

High Quality

When you buy a recertified Delta faucet, you’re still getting a top-quality
product. Delta is a leader in faucet innovation and all of their faucets, new
or recertified, feature high-performance parts like DiamondTM Seal Technology
valves for a lifetime of leak-free, trouble-free performance. Recertified just
means the faucet was returned for some reason, tested to ensure perfect
working order, and repackaged for resale. It’s a great way to get premium
quality on a budget.

Environmental Benefits

Choosing recertified over new is an eco-friendly choice. By reselling returned
faucets, less waste ends up in landfills. The faucets don’t require new raw
materials or resources to produce since they’re already manufactured. If
sustainability and reducing your environmental footprint are priorities for
you, recertified is the way to go.


With a recertified Delta faucet, you get the same great performance and
reliability as a new model without the higher price tag. Delta’s lifetime
warranty still applies, so your purchase is backed by their promise of quality
and service. For value, dependability, and peace of mind, recertified Delta
faucets are a smart, hassle-free choice for budget-friendly upgrades.

Where to Buy Delta Recertified Faucets

So you’ve decided to purchase Delta recertified faucets to get high quality at
a lower cost. Excellent choice! Now it’s time to find the best places to shop
for recertified Delta faucets. Here are some of your best options:

Delta Faucet Outlet Stores

Delta operates several outlet stores across the US that sell recertified
faucets and other plumbing fixtures. These stores offer the largest selection
of recertified Delta products at the deepest discounts. You can find outlet
locations on Delta’s website and check their hours. It’s best to call ahead to
inquire about the current recertified faucet inventory.

Big Box Home Improvement Stores

Large home improvement retailers like Lowe’s, Home Depot, and Menard’s
frequently have Delta recertified faucets in stock. They purchase overstock,
returned, and refurbished faucets from Delta and resell them at lower prices.
You may be able to find deals on popular Delta faucet collections like the
Leland, Linden, and Windemere series. Check their websites to view available
recertified faucet models and prices before heading to your local store.

Online Retailers

Several plumbing and lighting websites offer a wide selection of Delta
recertified faucets available for purchase online with free shipping. These
include Faucet Direct, eFaucets, and You can often find the best
prices on these sites, up to 50-70% off the original MSRP. They have detailed
product listings so you know exactly what condition the faucet is in before
you buy. Most offer easy returns if you’re not satisfied.

Habitat for Humanity ReStores

Habitat for Humanity ReStore locations sell donated new and used building
materials at discounted prices to support Habitat’s mission. Many ReStores
have plumbing fixtures like recertified Delta faucets available. Inventory
comes from overstock, salvage, and donations so selection varies. But you can
find high-quality faucets at up to 90% off retail prices. ReStore locations
can be found across the US, Canada, and abroad.

Buying Delta recertified faucets is an eco-friendly way to save money while
still getting a top-rated product. With many sources for finding discounted
recertified Delta faucets, you’re sure to get a great deal on a stylish,
durable faucet for your home.

Top Delta Recertified Faucet Models

Delta makes some of the highest-quality faucets, so you really can’t go wrong
with any of their models. However, if you’re looking to save some money, Delta
recertified faucets are a great option. These faucets were returned for some
reason, inspected, tested, and certified to work like new ones. You get the
same great Delta quality at a fraction of the price.

Delta Windemere 2-Handle Kitchen Faucet

Delta Windemere 2-Handle Kitchen Faucet

This kitchen faucet has a simple but stylish design with two handles for
precise temperature control. It has a high-arc spout that swivels 360 degrees,
giving you a full range of motion. The Delta Windemere also includes some
great features like Touch-Clean spray holes for easy cleaning and Diamond Seal
Technology to prevent leaks. At under $100, this faucet delivers fantastic

Check Price on Amazon

Delta Cassidy Single-Handle Kitchen Faucet

For a recertified faucet with a sleek, modern look, the Delta Cassidy is a top
choice. It has a single handle for effortless flow and temperature control, as
well as a pull-down sprayer with MagnaTite Docking to keep the sprayer
securely in place. This faucet is available in chrome, Venetian bronze, and
Arctic stainless steel to match your kitchen decor. The Cassidy is highly
rated and typically available for under $200.

Check Price on Amazon

Delta Leland Single-Handle Kitchen Faucet

Delta Leland Single-Handle Kitchen Faucet

The Delta Leland is another great recertified option with a single handle and
pull-down sprayer. It features Touch-Clean spray holes, Diamond Seal
Technology, and a high arc for filling pots easily. This faucet has a simple
but stylish design and comes in three finishes: chrome, Venetian bronze, and
arctic stainless. For well under $200, the Delta Leland is a high-performing
faucet at an affordable price.

Check Price on Amazon

Recertified Delta faucets allow you to get commercial-grade quality for much
less than the retail price. With proper care and maintenance, a recertified
Delta faucets should provide years of like-new performance. For kitchen
faucets, the Windemere, Cassidy, and Leland are all highly rated models
available at steep discounts. So save some money and enjoy premium features
with a recertified Delta faucet.

Installing Your Recertified Delta Faucet

Installing your recertified Delta faucet is a straightforward process for most
DIYers, but there are a few things to keep in mind.

Gather Your Tools

Before starting, make sure you have adjustable pliers or a basin wrench, a
plumber’s putty, towels, a flashlight, and a helper on hand. You’ll also need
whichever tools came with your specific Delta faucet model like Allen wrenches
or screwdrivers. For safety, turn off the water supply lines under the sink
before beginning.

Remove the Old Faucet

Use the pliers or wrench to loosen the nuts connecting the old faucet supply
lines. Remove any remaining putty around the base with a putty knife. Clean
the sink surface to ensure a tight seal for the new faucet.

Install the New Faucet

Apply fresh plumber’s putty around the base of the new faucet and place it in
the appropriate spot in your sink. Hand-tighten the mounting nuts to hold it
in place as you work. Connect the color-coded supply lines to the correct hot
and cold valves. Once everything is hand-tight, use your pliers or wrench to
tighten the connections.

Turn the Water Back On

Turn the water supply back on slowly and check for any leaks. Tighten any
connections as needed. Once you ensure there are no leaks, turn the water on
completely and test your new faucet to ensure proper hot/cold placement and
water pressure.

Final Touches

Wipe away any excess plumber’s putty with a damp cloth. Dispose of your tools
and towels. Congratulations, you now have a fully functioning, high-quality
Delta faucet installed for a fraction of the cost of a new model! With proper
care and maintenance, your recertified Delta faucet should provide you with
years of service and style.

Caring for Your Recertified Faucet

Once you’ve purchased your recertified Delta faucet, it’s important to
properly care for it to keep it working well for years to come. Delta faucets
are built to last, but some basic maintenance and troubleshooting can help
maximize their lifespan.


Mineral buildup is one of the most common issues with faucets. Over time, hard
water can leave behind calcium and limescale deposits that clog up your
faucet’s sprayers or cartridge. Once a month, wipe down your Delta faucet with
a soft, damp cloth to remove any surface dirt or grime. For stuck-on messes,
make a paste from baking soda and water and scrub gently with an old

Rinse well with water to remove any remaining residue. For heavy mineral
buildup inside the faucet, you may need to soak parts in a commercial
limescale remover or vinegar. Disassemble the sprayer or cartridge and scrub
all parts before reassembling. Prevent buildup in the first place by drying
your faucet after each use to discourage water spots.

Lubricating and Tightening

The internal cartridges and O-rings/seals in Delta faucets may need occasional
lubrication and tightening. If your faucet is dripping or the water flow seems
reduced, it likely needs attention. Disassemble the cartridge or seals and
apply a small amount of the plumber’s grease or petroleum jelly before
reassembling. Be sure all parts are hand-tight before using a wrench to
tighten another 1/4 turn. Overtightening can cause damage, so take care.

Repairs and Parts

Should your Delta faucet spring a leak or need professional repair, Delta
provides lifetime parts and support for their products. Visit Delta’s website
or call their customer service line to order replacement parts like sprayers,
cartridges, handles or other components. For complex repairs like valve seat
replacements, it’s best to hire a licensed plumber to service your Delta

With some simple DIY care and maintenance, your Delta recertified faucet can
provide years of reliable use. Take good care of your investment, and it will
take good care of you!

Delta Recertified Faucets: Save Money and Get Top Quality

When looking to purchase new faucets for your home, Delta recertified faucets
are an excellent option to consider. Recertified simply means that these
faucets were originally made for commercial use but never installed. They are
then repackaged for residential use at a significant discount, passing the
savings onto you.

Quality and warranty

Although recertified, these faucets go through a rigorous remanufacturing
process to ensure they meet Delta’s high-quality standards. They provide the
same great features, styling, and innovation as new Delta faucets. Delta also
backs its recertified faucets with the same limited lifetime warranty as their
new faucets. So, you can feel confident you’re getting a high-performing,
long-lasting product.

Huge cost savings

The main benefit of choosing Delta recertified faucets is the opportunity to
save 30-50% off the list price of new faucets. This can translate to saving
hundreds of dollars on high-end faucets for your kitchen or bath remodel. The
discount is even steeper if you need to purchase multiple faucets for your


By purchasing recertified faucets rather than new ones, you’re also doing your
part for the environment. Recertification helps reduce waste and the need for
additional raw materials and manufacturing. The remanufacturing process uses
up to 80% less energy than making new faucets from scratch. You can feel good
that you’re conserving natural resources and reducing pollution.

Wide selection

Delta offers a wide range of recertified faucets in many styles, finishes, and
price points for both kitchens and baths. You’ll find everything from basic
chrome faucets to high-end stainless steel or bronze models with the latest
touch and voice activation technologies. Whatever look or features you want,
there are great deals to be found on recertified Delta faucets.

So if you’re looking to replace or upgrade the faucets in your home,
definitely check out Delta’s recertified faucet offerings. You’ll find the
same trusted quality and performance as new Delta faucets but at outlet
prices, you can’t beat them. It’s a smart, sustainable choice for your wallet
and the environment.


So there you have it, recertified Delta faucets are the way to go if you want
high-quality, stylish fixtures for your home at a great price. You’ll save
hundreds compared to buying brand new but still get the luxury feel and
durable construction Delta is known for. Their recertification process ensures
each faucet is returned to like-new condition before it’s resold.

Next time you need new faucets, do yourself and your wallet a favor and check
out Delta’s recertified selection. You’ll find huge savings on some of their
most popular, premium collections. And with Delta’s lifetime warranty, you can
buy with confidence knowing your recertified faucets will provide years of
trouble-free use. For high-end fixtures at an affordable price, Delta
recertified faucets are really a no-brainer. So stop wasting money and start
saving today – your dream kitchen or bath makeover is just a click away!

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