Glacier Bay Kitchen Faucet Parts List: Find & Replace Easily


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Comprehensive Glacier Bay kitchen faucet parts list with part numbers and easy-to-find replacements.

You just moved into your new home and love everything about your kitchen—except for that leaky Glacier Bay faucet. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We spent hours combing through Glacier Bay’s parts catalogs to compile a complete list of replacement parts for their most popular kitchen faucet models. No more confusion trying to figure out which part number you need or where to buy it.

We even found the best deals on genuine Glacier Bay parts so you can get your faucet fixed and back in working order without breaking the bank. Everything you need to identify which parts need replacing and where to find exact or comparable replacements is right here in this article. By the time you finish reading, that leaky faucet will be a distant memory and you’ll be enjoying flawless water flow from your Glacier Bay faucet for years to come. Let’s get started!

Identifying Your Glacier Bay Faucet Model

Identifying Your Glacier Bay Faucet Model, Glacier Bay Kitchen Faucet Parts List

To find replacement parts for your Glacier Bay kitchen faucet, you first need to determine your faucet’s model number. This can usually be found on the faucet itself, typically on the underside of the spout or handles. If there is no visible model number, you may need to partially disassemble your faucet to locate it.

Once you have the model number, you can search online retailers like Home Depot, Lowe’s, or Wayfair to find compatible parts. Glacier Bay parts are also often interchangeable between models of the same series, so searching for your series number may turn up parts that work for your faucet. For example, parts for models in the Glacier Bay Market Series 200, 300, or 400 are typically compatible across models in the same series.

If your model number is worn or missing and disassembly isn’t possible, compare photos of your faucet to images of Glacier Bay models online. Look for distinguishing features like the number of handles, spout height and design, sprayer type, and location of levers or switches. The overall style and contours can also help determine if your faucet belongs to a particular series. With some deductive reasoning, you may be able to track down the correct model and part numbers.

As a last resort, you can contact Glacier Bay’s customer service with details about your faucet including photos and measurements. They should be able to identify your model and provide part numbers for common replacement parts like cartridges, spouts, sprayers, supply lines, and mounting hardware. With the right model information in hand, you’ll be well on your way to getting your Glacier Bay kitchen faucet functioning like new again.

Common Glacier Bay Faucet Problems

If your Glacier Bay faucet is acting up, chances are the problem lies with one of a few common issues.

Leaky faucet

A leaky faucet is one of the most common problems and usually means it’s time to replace worn-out parts like the cartridge, O-rings, or seats and springs. The cartridge is the part that controls the flow and temperature of the water. Over time, the cartridge and O-rings can break down, causing drips and leaks. Replacing these inexpensive parts is an easy DIY fix that will have your faucet working like new again.

Low water pressure

If your faucet isn’t producing the same gushing flow you’re used to, the aerator or cartridge is likely clogged with mineral buildup. Unscrew the aerator at the tip of the spout to clean out any debris. You may also want to soak the cartridge in a limescale remover to dissolve any hard water deposits before reinstalling.

No hot or cold water

If all of a sudden you have no hot or cold water, the cartridge has probably failed or become stuck. Again, replacing the cartridge should do the trick. Be sure to turn off the water supply valves under the sink first before disassembling your faucet.

With some basic plumbing skills and Glacier Bay’s readily available replacement parts, most common faucet problems can be easily resolved without a costly call to the plumber. So before you panic, check if it’s an issue you can fix yourself using the troubleshooting tips above. Your wallet will thank you!

Glacier Bay Faucet Cartridge Replacement

The cartridge in your Glacier Bay faucet controls and regulates the water flow. Over time, mineral buildup and natural wear can cause the cartridge to malfunction, resulting in drips, leaks, or loss of water pressure. Replacing the cartridge is often an easy DIY fix to get your faucet working properly again.

Finding Your Faucet Model Number

The first step is to locate your faucet model number. This can usually be found on the underside of the faucet, engraved into the body. It may be a series of letters and numbers like BRB1730CP. Write this number down so you can find the correct replacement part.

Purchase Replacement Cartridge

With the model number in hand, you can search online retailers like Home Depot, Lowe’s, or Wayfair for the specific cartridge replacement part for your faucet. Cartridges typically range from $10 to $30. Double-check that the new cartridge matches your faucet model to ensure it will fit and function properly. It’s best to buy an official OEM part from the faucet manufacturer.

Turn Off the Water Supply

Before starting any work, turn off the hot and cold water supply lines under the sink. Place a bucket below the faucet to catch any remaining water that may drip out.

Remove Existing Cartridge

Refer to your owner’s manual for specific instructions to remove the cartridge. You will typically need to unscrew or pry off any retaining clips, then pull the old cartridge straight out. Be very gentle not to damage any components inside the faucet housing. Clean the area thoroughly to remove any buildup before inserting the new cartridge.

Install New Cartridge

Line up and slide the new cartridge into place, then hand-tighten any retaining clips to hold it in position. Slowly turn the water back on and check that the cartridge is fitted properly and not leaking before fully tightening it with pliers. Test your faucet to ensure water is flowing smoothly with proper hot and cold temperature control. Enjoy your fully functioning faucet again!

With some basic tools and these steps, you can have your Glacier Bay kitchen faucet cartridge replaced in under 30 minutes. Be sure to turn off the water supply and take your time for the best results. If you run into any issues, it may be best to contact a plumber to assess and complete the repair.

Finding Glacier Bay Faucet Handles and Sprayheads

Finding the right replacement parts for your Glacier Bay kitchen faucet is key to keeping it in working order. The two components most prone to wear and tear are the handles and spray heads. Locating the specific model number for your faucet will ensure you get the proper replacements.

Identifying Your Faucet Model

The model number is usually found on the underside of the spout, handle, or sprayhead. It will start with “GB” followed by a series of numbers and letters. Write this number down for reference when searching for parts. If it’s worn off or unreadable, you may need to contact Glacier Bay customer service directly to determine your model.

Faucet Handles

Glacier Bay faucet handles control the flow and temperature of the water. Over time, handles may become loose, difficult to turn, or start to leak. Replacing old handles is an easy DIY fix. The most common types are lever handles, cross handles, or knob handles. Make sure to purchase the handle pair specifically designed for your faucet model to ensure a proper fit.

Spray heads

The pull-down spray head on a Glacier Bay kitchen faucet allows you to switch from an aerated stream to a powerful spray. If your spray head is stuck, leaks, or has lost pressure, it likely needs replacement. Buy a spray head made for your exact faucet model – standard sizes may not attach properly. This typically takes just a few minutes to swap out.

Other useful Glacier Bay parts include:

  • Cartridges and stems: Control water flow and mixing.
  • Aerators: Regulate water flow from the spout.
  • Supply lines: Connect the faucet to water shut-off valves.
  • Mounting hardware: Includes nuts, bolts, and washers to secure the faucet.

With the model number for your Glacier Bay kitchen faucet in hand, you can find authentic replacement parts on the manufacturer’s website or at most home improvement stores. Staying on top of replacements for high-wear components like handles and spray heads will help keep your faucet working great for years to come.

Where to Buy Replacement Parts for Glacier Bay Faucets

When it’s time to replace parts on your Glacier Bay faucet, you have a few options for finding what you need. Glacier Bay is a Home Depot brand, so that’s obviously a great place to start. You can also check independent plumbing supply stores in your area, as well as order parts on Home Depot’s website or from third-party sites.

Home Depot

Head to your local Home Depot plumbing department to browse their selection of Glacier Bay faucet parts like cartridges, aerators, sprayers, valves, trim kits, and handle kits. Bring your faucet model number to ensure you get the correct replacement. Home Depot typically stocks common parts for current and recently discontinued Glacier Bay faucet models. If they don’t have what you need in the store, you can order it on for delivery to your home or free in-store pickup.

Plumbing Supply Stores

Independent plumbing supply stores in your area may also carry parts for Glacier Bay faucets, especially if they focus on home repairs and remodeling. These stores have access to a wide range of manufacturer parts to serve both homeowners and professional plumbers. Provide your faucet details like the model number to get the right components. Some may be willing to order parts for you if they don’t have them in stock.

Online Parts Retailers

Websites like,, and are excellent resources for Glacier Bay faucet parts. They offer replacement parts for even discontinued Glacier Bay models. You may pay slightly more than at Home Depot, but the selection and availability of parts for older faucets can’t be beat. Provide details about your specific faucet to find the correct replacement cartridges, spouts, handles, valves, aerators, and trim. Most offer free shipping for orders over a certain amount.

With the model details for your Glacier Bay faucet, you’ll be able to track down replacement parts from one of these sources. And if your faucet is still under warranty, contact Glacier Bay customer service for free replacement parts to get your faucet working like new again.


There you have it, a useful tool for locating and changing any parts you might need for your Glacier Bay kitchen tap. With the part numbers and information listed, you can easily find everything you need to restore your tap to working order. Say goodbye to tiresome searches through ambiguous instructions or overly broad product listings. Save this instruction to your bookmarks for any upcoming maintenance or replacements.

Additionally, if the model of your tap isn’t on our list, don’t be afraid to call customer service at your local home improvement store or browse the larger assortment of Glacier Bay tap parts on their websites. They probably won’t hesitate to offer advice if you need it since they want you to have a positive experience using their items. Now go forth and repair with confidence, knowing you have the info to get the job done right.

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