Replacement Hose for Grohe Kitchen Faucets – Refresh Your Spray Functionality


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Replacement Hose for Grohe Kitchen Faucets with our durable and easy-to-install replacement option. Restore smooth spraying action and extend the lifespan of your faucet.

It seems like the spray hose on your Grohe kitchen tap is nearing its end. You don’t need to replace the entire tap or hire a plumber just yet. A cheap replacement hose can breathe new life into your tap and effortlessly revive its spraying activity. Our sturdy hoses install quickly and don’t require any additional equipment; they are made especially for Grohe faucets.

You can have your kitchen sink operating like new again and restore smooth flow and pressure to your sprayer for a fraction of the price of a new tap. This easy fix will help you preserve your Grohe tap for many years to come. Continue reading to find out how simple and affordable it is to give your Grohe sprayer a makeover.

Top 4 Best Grohe Hose For Kitchen Faucet

Grohe 46092000 LadyLux Hose, 15mm x ½ x 1500 inches, Chrome

Grohe 46092000 LadyLux Hose, 15mm x ½ x 1500 inches, Chrome

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Grohe 48293000 Flexible Shower

Grohe 48293000 Flexible Shower

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Grohe 46174000 59-In Metalflex Hose For Kitchen Faucet, Inch, Chrome

Grohe 46174000 59-In Metalflex Hose For Kitchen Faucet, Inch, Chrome

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hansgrohe 88624000 Pull-Out Hose for Kitchen Faucets, Small, Chrome

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Why Your Grohe Kitchen Faucet’s Hose May Need Replacing

Why Your Grohe Kitchen Faucet's Hose May Need Replacing

If your Grohe kitchen faucet’s spray hose has seen better days, it may be time for a replacement. Over time, the hose can become kinked, brittle, or clogged, preventing smooth water flow and spraying action. Replacing the hose is an easy DIY project that will restore functionality and ensure many more years of use for your faucet.

Why Your Faucet’s Hose May Need Replacing

There are a few signs your faucet’s spray hose needs replacing:

  • Water flow seems reduced or uneven. Mineral buildup or debris in the hose can obstruct water flow, preventing your faucet from spraying properly.
  • Hose feels stiff or kinked. As hoses age, they can become brittle and inflexible, making them hard to maneuver and prone to kinking.
  • The spray head won’t stay in place. If your spray head won’t stay in the position you aim it, the hose nut connecting it to the faucet may be worn or damaged.
  • Leaking or dripping from the hose. Any leaking or dripping from the hose itself means it’s time for a replacement to prevent water damage and waste.

Replacing your Grohe spray hose is a simple task anyone can handle with basic tools. Turn off the water supply, disconnect the old hose from the faucet spray head and water supply lines, then connect the new hose. Once complete, turn the water back on and test your new hose to ensure there are no leaks and the water flow has been restored. Your Grohe faucet will be working like new again in no time. Isn’t that refreshing?

Benefits of Our Replacement Hose for Grohe Kitchen Faucets

A replacement hose for your Grohe kitchen faucet offers some nice benefits. Our durable yet flexible hose will have your faucet spraying like new in no time.

Longer Lifespan for Your Faucet

By replacing a worn or damaged hose, you extend the useful life of your entire Grohe faucet. The hose is an integral part that’s easy to neglect, but once it starts to leak or spray unevenly, it impacts your faucet’s performance and longevity. Our high-quality hose is built to last so you can keep enjoying your faucet for years to come.

Smooth, Powerful Spray Action Restored

Has your faucet’s spray started to sputter, drip, or lose pressure? A new hose restores the smooth, consistent spray you’ve come to expect from Grohe’s premium faucets. Strong, even water flow makes rinsing dishes, filling pots, and general kitchen tasks quicker and easier.

Easy to Install

Replacing your Grohe spray hose is a straightforward job you can do yourself. Simply disconnect the old hose, attach our replacement hose to your faucet using the included coupling nut, and you’ll be back up and running in minutes. No need to call an expensive plumber!

Premium Quality at an Affordable Price

While Grohe parts can be pricey, our hoses are high quality and performance-tested to meet or exceed OEM specifications at a lower cost. We stand behind our hoses with a lifetime replacement guarantee.

Revive your Grohe spray faucet and restore maximum functionality in your kitchen with our replacement hose. For smooth flow, powerful spray, and years more service from your faucet, it’s a simple solution with lots of benefits.

Features of Our Durable and Easy-to-Install Replacement Hose

Our replacement hose for Grohe kitchen faucets is designed to restore smooth spray functionality and provide durable performance for many years to come.

High-Quality, Rust-Resistant Materials

The hose is constructed from braided stainless steel and PVC tubing that can withstand high water pressure and temperatures, as well as resist kinks, tangles, rust, and corrosion. Unlike cheaper alternatives, this hose will maintain its strength and flexibility over time.

Universal Fit

This hose is built to fit all Grohe kitchen faucet models, including pull-down and pull-out faucet types. The braided hose measures 59 inches in length for optimal maneuverability, while the threaded end connectors ensure a secure fit to your specific Grohe faucet sprayer and water supply lines.

Easy Installation

Replacing your Grohe sprayer hose is a straightforward process that can be completed in less than 30 minutes with some basic tools. Simply turn off the water supply, disconnect your existing sprayer hose, and attach the new hose by hand-tightening the threaded end connectors. Once attached, turn the water back on and check for any leaks before using your faucet as usual. Detailed installation instructions are also included for guidance.

Enhance Spray Performance

Over time, mineral buildup and everyday wear can diminish water flow in your Grohe sprayer hose, resulting in uneven or reduced water pressure. Our replacement hose restores full water flow to revive powerful spray functionality. Enjoy multiple spray patterns at their intended pressures for rinsing, cleaning, and filling tasks.

A replacement hose is an easy and affordable way to refresh your Grohe kitchen faucet and ensure many more years of reliable service. Restore your faucet to like-new performance and enhance your kitchen functionality with this high-quality, durable hose solution.

Step-by-Step Guide to Replacing Your Grohe Kitchen Faucet Hose

Replacing the hose on your Grohe kitchen faucet is actually quite straightforward and only takes about 15-20 minutes. With a few basic tools and the right replacement hose, you’ll have your faucet working like new again in no time.

What You’ll Need

  • Grohe replacement hose (part number varies by faucet model)
  • Adjustable wrench or pliers
  • Towel
  • A bucket to catch any excess water

Steps to Replace the Hose

  1. Turn off the water supply to your kitchen faucet. Locate the shutoff valves under or near the sink and turn clockwise to shut off the water.
  2. Place the towel under the faucet base to catch any water remaining in the hose or faucet. Have the bucket nearby as well.
  3. Loosen the coupling nut connecting the hose to the faucet base using the wrench or pliers. Unscrew by turning counterclockwise. Once loose, unscrew the rest of the way by hand.
  4. Detach the weight or hose guide from the old hose. You may need to pry off a retaining clip to free the hose from the weight. Attach the weight and retaining clip to the same end of the new replacement hose.
  5. Connect the end of the new hose to the faucet base where you removed the old hose. Tighten the coupling nut by hand, then tighten it firmly with the wrench.
  6. Repeat the same steps to connect the other end of the hose to the sprayer or faucet head. Make sure both ends are screwed on tightly.
  7. Turn the water back on and check for any leaks. Tighten nuts as needed. Run the water for a few seconds to clear out any debris before using the faucet as normal.
  8. Test your faucet to ensure the new hose has restored proper water flow and sprayer function. Enjoy your refreshed Grohe kitchen faucet!

If you run into any issues or need additional help, be sure to contact Grohe’s customer service for guidance. With regular maintenance and high-quality replacement parts like this hose, your Grohe faucet should provide many years of service.

FAQs About Replacement Hoses for Grohe Kitchen Faucets

Replacement hoses for Grohe kitchen faucets are easy to install and help restore full function to your faucet. Here are some common questions and answers about replacing the hose in your Grohe faucet.

Will any hose work as a replacement?

No, you need to purchase a hose specifically designed for your Grohe faucet model. Hoses are not universal and come in different lengths and with different end connectors to fit specific faucet types. Check your faucet specs to determine the correct replacement hose.

How do I know which hose I need?

First, locate the model number printed on your faucet, usually on the back of the spout or under the sink on the faucet base. Then check with Grohe’s website or a plumbing supply store to find the matching hose for your model. They will need to know details like the hose length, end connector types, and sprayer specs. It’s best to purchase an official Grohe replacement hose to ensure proper fit and performance.

Is installation difficult?

Installing a Grohe spray hose is typically quite straightforward. You will need to shut off the water supply to your faucet, disconnect the old hose, install the new hose by hand-tightening the end connectors, and turn your water back on. Be sure to check for and correct any leaks before using the faucet. You may also need to make minor spray head adjustments to optimize the spray pattern. If you run into issues, consult Grohe’s installation instructions or call a plumber for help.

How long will a replacement hose last?

With normal kitchen use, a high-quality Grohe replacement hose should last 3 to 5 years. As with any plumbing fixture, regular maintenance and inspections are needed to ensure maximum lifespan. Look for signs of wear like kinks, cracks, or mineral buildup, and replace the hose if necessary. Properly caring for your Grohe faucet and replacement parts will help ensure many years of service.


You owe it to yourself and your kitchen to get that worn-out hose replaced. No more dealing with weak water flow, leaks, or strange noises coming from your faucet. For a small investment, you can bring your Grohe kitchen faucet back to like-new condition and enjoy crystal-clear water flow for years to come. Make your kitchen tasks more effortless and efficient again with a durable, high-quality replacement hose designed specifically for your faucet model.

Refreshing this small but essential part allows you to avoid the headache and expense of a whole faucet replacement. Order your new Grohe kitchen faucet hose today and get your sprayer and pull-down functionality working the way it should. Your kitchen and wallet will thank you for it.

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