ZLINE vs. Forno: Affordable Pro-Style Ranges Compared


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ZLINE and Forno are two popular brands of affordable pro-style ranges, but which one is right for you? In this comparison, we weigh the pros and cons of each brand to help you make the best decision for your kitchen.

You’ve been dreaming of upgrading your outdated kitchen range to a pro-style model that looks like it belongs in a restaurant. The problem is, that most pro ranges cost more than your entire kitchen renovation budget. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. ZLINE and Forno are two brands making high-performance pro ranges that won’t break the bank.

For around $2,000 to $5,000, you can get your hands on a powerful and stylish pro range to make cooking more enjoyable and help you channel your inner chef. But with two appealing and affordable options, how do you choose between ZLINE vs. Forno? We’ve tested models from both brands to see how they stack up in terms of performance, style, features, and value. Whether you’re looking for a basic range to handle your daily cooking needs or a fully loaded model with all the bells and whistles, one of these brands has the perfect pro-style range to turn your home kitchen into a gourmet workspace without needing a professional chef’s salary.

Overview of ZLINE and Forno Pro-Style Ranges

Overview of ZLINE and Forno Pro-Style Ranges

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ZLINE and Forno are two of the most popular brands for affordable pro-style ranges. At first glance, they seem quite similar with their sleek stainless steel designs and commercial-grade power. But when you look under the hood, there are some key differences to consider before choosing one over the other for your kitchen.


Both ZLINE and Forno offer high BTU burners for fast heating and intense cooking, as well as convection ovens for even baking. However, Forno ranges typically have higher maximum BTUs on the burners, up to 22,000 vs 18,000 for ZLINE, so Forno may have a slight edge for tasks like boiling large pots of water quickly. Forno also offers dual-fuel ranges with gas burners and electric ovens, which many home cooks prefer for temperature control.


ZLINE is known for innovative features like infrared charbroilers, teppanyaki plates, and built-in rotisseries. They also have models with up to eight burners and double ovens for maximum cooking flexibility. Forno ranges provide a more traditional pro-style experience but lack some of the unique features of ZLINE. However, Forno double oven and dual fuel models do provide extra versatility for avid home cooks and bakers.


You’ll typically pay a bit less for a Forno range compared to a similarly equipped ZLINE model. ZLINE ranges start around $3,000, while Forno ranges usually begin around $2,500. Considering the high performance and features of both brands, either can be an excellent value for the investment in your kitchen.

In the end, choosing between ZLINE or Forno comes down to your specific needs and priorities. With power, innovation, and affordability, either of these pro-style range brands can turn your home kitchen into a chef’s paradise.

Design and Esthetics: Which Brand Has the Edge?

Design and Esthetics Which Brand Has the Edge

When it comes to looks, both ZLINE and Forno offer pro-style ranges that will make a statement in your kitchen. However, there are some key differences in their designs that could sway your choice.

Style and Finish

ZLINE ranges feature a sleek, contemporary design with sharp lines and a stainless steel finish. They offer a commercial-grade, built-in look that will complement modern kitchens. Forno has a more retro-inspired style with rounded edges, and vintage-style knobs, and comes in a variety of colored finishes like red, blue, and black enamel in addition to stainless steel. If you have a craftsman or farmhouse-style kitchen, a Forno range may suit your decor better.

Range Top Configurations

Both brands offer gas and dual-fuel range options with 4 to 6 burners, but ZLINE also makes electric ranges. ZLINE’s gas ranges feature heavy-duty cast iron grates and up to 22,000 BTU burners for maximum power. Forno ranges max out at 18,000 BTU but offers a larger oven capacity. For serious home cooks, ZLINE’s higher BTU burners may be preferable for tasks like wok cooking or browning meat.

Added Features

ZLINE ranges typically include an infrared broiler for extra browning, a griddle for pancakes and home fries, and convection fans for faster, more even baking. Most Forno ranges lack these added features, though some models do offer convection. If the latest cooking tech and versatility are important to you, ZLINE would probably be the better choice.

In the end, you can’t go wrong with either brand if you’re looking for an affordable pro-style range. But when it comes down to design, power, and extra features, ZLINE ranges have a slight edge over Forno. For a balance of retro style and modern function, Forno is a great option. The choice is yours!

Cooking Performance Comparison

Cooking Performance Comparison

When it comes to cooking performance, there are some key differences between ZLINE and Forno ranges to consider.

Burner Power

ZLINE ranges offer up to 30,000 BTU burners for extremely high, powerful heat. Forno’s most powerful burners top out at 18,000 BTU, which may limit your ability to quickly boil large pots of water or sear meat. However, Forno’s burners can simmer at an ultra-low 200 BTU, ideal for delicate sauces. It depends on your typical cooking needs and styles.

Oven Capacity

ZLINE ovens are typically larger, ranging from 4.2 to 6.0 cubic feet. Forno ovens are a bit more compact at 3.8 to 5.0 cubic feet. So if you regularly cook large meals or bake in quantity, the extra space of a ZLINE oven could be worthwhile. On the other hand, Forno’s smaller ovens may preheat and temperature recover faster, as there is less air to heat.

Additional Features

Both brands offer convection ovens for faster, more even cooking. However, only some ZLINE models include special features like infrared broilers for intense heat, dual-fuel options with a gas stovetop and electric oven, and rotisseries for self-basting meats. If high-tech cooking options matter to you, ZLINE would probably be your top choice.

In the end, you need to weigh what’s most significant for your cooking and budget. While ZLINE ranges aim to impress with power and performance, Forno takes a more minimal, utilitarian approach. If you’re looking for an affordable pro-style range to handle everyday cooking with solid results, either brand would work well. But for the enthusiast chef or baker, ZLINE nudges ahead with its advanced features and functionality. The decision comes down to passion and needs—do you want power and precision or simplicity and value?

Features Face-Off: Doors, Burners, Ovens, Etc.

Features Face-Off Doors, Burners, Ovens, Etc

When comparing pro-style ranges, the features are where the rubber really meets the road. Let’s see how ZLINE and Forno stack up in a head-to-head features face-off.


ZLINE ranges offer stylish stainless steel doors that are both sleek and functional. Forno provides similar stainless doors but also offers color options like red, blue or black if you want to make a statement. For ease of cleaning, ZLINE’s doors have a seamless design while Forno’s have a slight lip. Either brand would look great in a home kitchen.


Both ZLINE and Forno offer high-performance burners for serious cooking, ranging from 15,000 to 22,000 BTU. ZLINE burners typically have a slightly higher maximum BTU for faster boiling. However, Forno burners have built-in flame sensors to prevent overheating. For safety and power, you can’t go wrong with either brand.


When it comes to ovens, ZLINE is known for innovative features like infrared broilers for perfect browning and built-in temperature probes for precision cooking. Their double ovens provide lots of capacity for large meals. Forno ovens also perform well but typically offer more basic features. For high-tech cooking, ZLINE has a slight edge.

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Grates and Griddles

Cast iron grates and griddles are a must-have for pro-style cooking. ZLINE provides heavy-duty grates for maximum heat retention and distribution as well as optional griddles for pancakes or fajitas. While Forno also includes grates, they do not offer built-in griddles. If a stovetop griddle is important, ZLINE would probably suit you better.

In the end, you can’t go wrong with either ZLINE or Forno for an affordable pro-style range. Compare the specific features that matter most to you and your cooking style. Whether you want high-tech ovens, stylish design,s or built-in griddles, one of these brands is sure to be a perfect fit for your kitchen.

Ease of Use and Cleaning

When it comes to ease of use and cleaning, there are some key differences between ZLINE and Forno ranges to consider.


ZLINE ranges offer intuitive controls with large knobs and electronic displays to easily adjust temperatures and timer functions. The controls are located on the front of the range for convenient access. Forno provides similar knobs and LED displays, however, some models place the controls along the backsplash which can be slightly awkward to reach. If ease of use is a top priority, ZLINE may have a slight edge.

Grates and Burners

Both ZLINE and Forno use heavy-duty cast iron grates that distribute heat evenly and are easy to remove and clean. ZLINE’s grates have a sleek, rounded design while Forno’s are more traditional. For the burners, ZLINE uses high-performance brass while Forno uses stainless steel. In terms of cleaning, the brass burners may require a bit more maintenance to prevent buildup and keep looking new. The stainless steel burners are more low-maintenance but can become permanently discolored over time. It comes down to personal preference for style and how much elbow grease you want to put in.

Oven Cavity

The oven cavities for both brands are coated in a non-stick finish for easy wiping and come with removable oven racks. ZLINE’s finish may be slightly more durable, but both can stain over time without proper care. Be sure to wipe up any spills after cooking before turning on the self-cleaning function.

Extra Features

Additional features like convection fans, warming drawers, and storage drawers can also impact ease of use and cleaning. Models from both brands offer some of these add-ons, so check what’s included with the specific range you’re interested in. More features mean more parts to keep clean!

Overall, while there are some differences in design and materials, ZLINE and Forno pro-style ranges are quite comparable when it comes to ease of use and cleaning. Following the manufacturer’s recommendations for care and maintenance will keep any quality range looking and functioning like new for years to come.

Reliability and Durability Factors

Reliability and Durability Factors

When it comes to reliability and durability, there are a few factors to consider with ZLINE and Forno ranges. Both brands are known for producing high-quality, long-lasting pro-style ranges, but some differences may impact which one suits your needs best.


ZLINE ranges feature heavy-duty stainless steel construction, with components like control knobs, burner grates, and oven racks also made of stainless steel. Forno ranges use a combination of stainless steel and cast iron, with cast iron burner grates and oven racks. Cast iron is extremely durable but can require more maintenance to prevent rusting. If easy care is a priority, ZLINE’s all-stainless steel build may have an advantage.


ZLINE ranges offer high-performance brass burners in a variety of styles, from standard burners to infrared griddles. Brass burners tend to heat up quickly and distribute heat evenly. Forno uses cast iron burners which, while very durable, can take longer to heat and cool. If fast, responsive temperature control is important for your cooking style, ZLINE’s brass burners are likely the better choice.


Forno provides a 2-year comprehensive warranty on parts and labor for their ranges. ZLINE offers a standard 1-year warranty but also provides the option to purchase extended 3-year or 5-year comprehensive warranties for their ranges. If peace of mind and coverage for potential repair costs is a concern, ZLINE’s optional extended warranties may give you more security in your investment.

In the end, both ZLINE and Forno produce high-quality, professional-grade ranges that should provide many years of home cooking enjoyment. By weighing factors like construction, burner performance, and warranty coverage, you can determine which brand’s strengths match your priorities and needs. And of course, your budget may also play a role, as ZLINE ranges typically command a higher price. But with pro-level features at a fraction of the cost of commercial ranges, either brand is an affordable choice for serious home cooks.

Cost Analysis: Which Brand Provides More Value?

When it comes to affordable pro-style ranges, ZLINE and Forno are two of the top brands to consider. Both offer high-performance ranges packed with features at relatively low prices. But which brand gives you more bang for your buck? Let’s break it down.


Forno ranges start at around $2,000, while ZLINE ranges typically start around $3,000. ZLINE does frequently run promotions and sales, though, so you may be able to find comparable models at similar price points. If budget is a concern, Forno may have a slight edge. However, for the quality and performance, ZLINE still provides solid value even at a higher base price.


ZLINE ranges are loaded with useful features like convection fans for even cooking, self-cleaning pyrolytic ovens, and heavy-duty cast iron grates. Some models even have extras like infrared broilers, dual-fuel options (gas cooktop, electric oven), and six or more high-power burners. Forno ranges have fewer frills but still include basics like a convection fan, cast iron grates, and a self-cleaning oven on most models. So while ZLINE may have a few more bells and whistles, Forno still has the features that matter most to home cooks.

Quality and Performance

When it comes to build quality and cooking performance, ZLINE ranges are top of the line. They have a reputation for commercial-grade components, durable construction, and precise temperature control. Forno makes a quality, high-performance range for the price but may lack some of the heavy-duty, commercial-style components found in ZLINE ranges. So, if you’re looking for a range that can handle heavy use and deliver professional-level results, ZLINE may be worth the investment.

Overall, while ZLINE ranges do command a higher price, they offer unmatched performance and quality for an affordable pro-style range. However, Forno still provides solid value and more than enough power and features for most home cooking needs. Either brand would make an excellent choice, so weigh your priorities and budget to determine which pro-style range is the best fit for your kitchen.

The Verdict: Which Affordable Pro-Range Is Best?

When it comes down to it, either ZLINE or Forno would be an excellent choice for an affordable pro-style range. But which brand edges out the other? Let’s weigh the pros and cons to determine the victor.


If budget is a concern, Forno ranges are generally a bit more affordable. Their prices start around $1,500 for a basic 30-inch model, while ZLINE’s begin around $2,000. However, ZLINE often runs promotions offering significant discounts, so you may be able to find a good deal.

Performance & Features

Both brands offer high BTU burners for powerful cooking performance, but ZLINE’s burners tend to be slightly more powerful, ranging from 15,000 to 22,000 BTUs. ZLINE also includes useful extras like a griddle, while most Fornos don’t come with a griddle. However, Forno’s pro-style ranges do include pro-style cooking grates and a larger oven cavity.


When it comes to appearance, it’s a matter of personal taste. ZLINE ranges have a sleek, minimalist design with touch controls. Forno opts for a more traditional pro-style look with chunky knobs and a stainless steel finish. Both will make a bold statement in your kitchen.

Reliability & Support

ZLINE and Forno both receive very positive reviews from owners and appear to be well-made, reliable products. ZLINE may have a slight edge with a longer product warranty (3 years vs 1 year) and dedicated customer support. However, Forno is also reputable and responsive.

The Verdict

While both ZLINE and Forno would make an excellent affordable pro-style range, ZLINE comes out slightly ahead overall thanks to more powerful burners, useful extras like a griddle, a longer warranty, and dedicated support. However, if budget is a bigger concern, Forno offers comparable quality at a lower price point. You really can’t go wrong with either of these brands, so choose the one that fits your needs and priorities best!

FAQs About ZLINE and Forno Ranges

So you’ve narrowed it down to ZLINE or Forno for your pro-style range, but still can’t decide which brand is right for your kitchen. We’ll try to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about ZLINE and Forno to help make your choice easier.

What’s the difference in quality between ZLINE and Forno?

Both brands produce high-quality, professional-grade ranges that should last for many years. ZLINE is generally considered a step up in build quality, with heavier-gage stainless steel and more high-end features. Forno provides extremely solid quality for the money. For casual home cooks, either brand would work great. For demanding cooks, ZLINE may have a slight edge.

Do ZLINE and Forno ranges perform well?

Yes, both brands are known for excellent performance, with fast, powerful burners and consistent, even heating in the ovens. ZLINE ranges typically offer higher BTU burners for faster boiling and searing. Forno’s burners are very capable as well, just slightly less powerful. Both have well-insulated ovens that can maintain a consistent temperature.

What size options are available?

ZLINE and Forno offer a range of sizes from 4 to 6 burners and 24 to 30 inches in width for slide-in or freestanding models. ZLINE also offers an 8-burner 36-inch model. Both brands provide dual fuel options with a gas cooktop and electric oven, or all-gas models.


So there you have it, ZLINE vs Forno pro-style ranges compared head to head. At the end of the day, you really can’t go wrong with either brand. They both offer high-quality, stylish ranges at a fraction of the cost of commercial models. Whether you go with the sleek, minimalist design of ZLINE or the retro-inspired look of Forno, you’ll end up with an eye-catching showpiece that will make your home chef friends jealous. Now the only question left is which color are you going with? The choice is yours – you’ve got all the info you need to pick out your perfect pro-style range. Happy cooking!

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