Delta Single Handle Kitchen Faucet Cartridge Replacement


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If your Delta single handle kitchen faucet is leaking or dripping, you may need to replace the cartridge. Delta cartridges are easy to replace and come in a variety of models to fit different faucets. Find the right cartridge for your faucet by using the Delta kitchen faucet cartridge replacement guide. We also offer a wide selection of Delta single handle kitchen faucet cartridges at competitive prices. Shop today and get your faucet back in working order quickly and easily.

Hey there, it looks like your Delta single handle kitchen faucet is giving you some trouble. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Replacing the cartridge is usually an easy fix that you can DIY to get your faucet working like new again. The key is finding the specific replacement cartridge that matches your faucet model. With a little sleuthing, you’ll track down the right part and have your faucet fixed in no time. We’ll walk you through how to identify your faucet model, find the matching cartridge, and install it. Before you know it, you’ll be enjoying consistent water temperature and pressure again. Let’s dive in and get your faucet back to fully functioning.

Identifying Your Delta Faucet Model

To find the right replacement cartridge for your Delta faucet, you first need to determine your faucet’s model number. The easiest way is to check for the model number printed on your faucet. You may have to turn off the water supply and remove a few parts to access it, but it will ensure you get the correct replacement.

If there’s no visible model number, check underneath the sink. Delta often tags its products, so you may find the model number on a tag attached to one of the water supply lines or mounting hardware. You can also measure your faucet to determine the series it belongs to. Delta faucets typically come in single-handle or two-handle variations, so note whether you have one or two handles.

Once you’ve identified the series, you can search Delta’s website for your specific model to find replacement parts. Delta carries cartridges for all its faucet models, so you should be able to find an exact match or suitable alternative. As a last resort, you can contact Delta’s customer service with details about your faucet to get help determining the model and appropriate cartridge.

Replacing a cartridge is an easy DIY task that will have your faucet functioning like new. So take a few minutes to track down your model number or details so you can get the right cartridge for your Delta faucet. With the proper replacement part in hand, you’ll be enjoying drip-free water in no time.

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Understanding Delta Cartridge Types

To get your Delta faucet working properly again, you need to replace the worn or damaged cartridge inside. But with so many types of Delta cartridges, how do you know which one is right for your specific faucet? Let’s break it down.

The most common cartridges are the Delta 1300, 1400, and 1700 series. The 1300 and 1400 are older models, while the 1700 is newer. To determine which series you need, check your faucet for the model number, typically located on a tag under the sink or inside the cabinet. Once you know the series, you can order the correct replacement cartridge.

For single-handle kitchen faucets, the 1300 and 1400 cartridges are compression style, using rubber seals and springs. The 1700 cartridge is a washerless design, using ceramic disks for leak-free, durable performance. If your faucet feels loose or leaks, the cartridge likely needs replacing.

Replacing a cartridge is a straightforward DIY task. Simply turn off the water supply, remove the faucet handle and trim ring or cap, take out the old cartridge, and pop in the new one. Be sure to lubricate the new cartridge and seals to allow for smooth operation. Tighten everything back up, turn the water on, and check for any leaks before using your faucet.

With the model number in hand and an understanding of the different types of Delta cartridges, you’ll be able to find and install the correct replacement part to get your kitchen faucet working like new again. Let the water flow!

Locating the Serial Number

To find the right replacement cartridge for your Delta single-handle kitchen faucet, you’ll need to locate the serial number. This unique code identifies your specific faucet model, so you can purchase the correct part.

Finding the Serial Number

The serial number for your Delta faucet is usually located in one of three places:

    • On the base of the faucet under the sink. You may need to disconnect the water supply lines to access it.

    • On the side or back of the faucet above the counter. Check the left or right side of the spout base or the back of the faucet body.

    • On the original packaging or owner’s manual for your faucet. If you still have these, the serial number should be clearly printed on them.

Once you find the serial number, write it down or take a photo of it for reference. You’ll need to provide this number when purchasing a replacement cartridge, either in-store or online. Having the correct serial number helps ensure you get a cartridge that properly fits your faucet model for optimal performance and to avoid leaks or other issues.

Some Delta faucets also have the model number printed on them, which can be an alternate way to identify the correct replacement part. However, the serial number is the most accurate means and the one Delta recommends using.

When shopping for a new cartridge, check that the packaging specifically lists your faucet’s serial number or model number to make sure it’s the right replacement. You should also consider the faucet’s age to determine if an upgraded cartridge may provide improved performance or water efficiency. With the right cartridge in hand, you’ll be ready to complete the replacement and have your Delta faucet working like new again.

Finding the Right Replacement Cartridge

Finding the right replacement cartridge for your Delta single-handle kitchen faucet is key to getting your faucet working properly again. The cartridge controls the flow and temperature of the water, so having the correct one installed is essential.

Locate Your Faucet Model Number

The first step is to locate the model number of your Delta faucet, usually found on the underside of the spout or handle. You may need to use a mirror to view it. Write this number down so you have it on hand when searching for a new cartridge.

Find Cartridge Options

With your model number, you can search online or in home improvement stores for compatible cartridge replacements. Common types of Delta faucets include the Delta RP19804, RP32513, and RP46074 cartridges. Be sure to double-check that the cartridge style and part number match what’s recommended for your specific faucet model.

Consider Cartridge Materials

Delta faucet cartridges are available in a variety of materials, including:

    • Ceramic disk cartridges are durable and long-lasting and control water flow. due to the buildup of hard water deposits over time.

    • Ball cartridges: simple, affordable design using a movable ball to control water flow. Can develop leaks more quickly.

    • Cartridges with diamond coating – Enhanced durability and prevent mineral buildup. Often a bit more expensive.

For the best performance, choose a high-quality cartridge made of durable, non-corrosive materials like brass or a brass alloy. Ceramic disks or diamond-coated cartridges are good options if you have hard water.


Once you have the new cartridge, turn off the water supply to your faucet. Disassemble your faucet following the included instructions to access the old cartridge. Clean any dirt or deposits from the faucet interior before installing the new cartridge in the proper orientation. Turn the water back on and test your faucet to ensure there are no drips or leaks and that the water temperature and pressure are correct before using.

With the right replacement cartridge for your Delta single-handle kitchen faucet, you’ll have it working like new again in no time. Be sure to note the details of your new cartridge in case you need another replacement part in the future.

Installing the New Cartridge

Now that you have the new cartridge in hand, it’s time to install it. This shouldn’t take more than about 15 minutes if you follow these steps:

Shut Off the Water Supply

The first thing you’ll want to do is turn off the water supply to your kitchen faucet. Locate the shutoff valves under or near the sink and turn them clockwise to close them. This will prevent water from flowing out when you remove the old cartridge.

Remove the Old Cartridge

Next, you’ll remove your old faucet cartridge. This may involve unscrewing a retaining clip or cartridge nut to free the cartridge. Gently pry out the old cartridge with pliers. Be very careful not to damage the faucet body. Clean the area where the cartridge sits before installing the new one.

Lubricate the New Cartridge

Apply a little plumber’s grease, petroleum jelly, or silicone lubricant to the o-rings and seals on your new cartridge. This will help it slide into place more easily and create a water-tight seal. Wipe away any excess lubricant with a rag.

Install the New Cartridge

Now you can install your new Delta faucet cartridge. Slide it into place, making sure the hot and cold indicators on the cartridge match your faucet handles. Hand-tighten the retaining clip to hold it in place.

Turn the Water Back On

Turn the water supply back on and check that your new cartridge is functioning properly and there are no leaks before using your faucet. Tighten or loosen the cartridge as needed.

Test Your Work

Finally, test your new cartridge to ensure the hot and cold water is flowing properly and at the correct temperatures. Make any final adjustments needed to the cartridge placement or water temperature limit stop. Your Delta single-handle kitchen faucet should now be working as well as new!


It may have taken some trial and error, but you now have the right cartridge replacement for your Delta single-handle kitchen faucet. No more drips, no more leaks. You can once again enjoy a smooth stream of water and temperature control with just one easy motion. The hassle of finding the correct part and completing the installation was well worth it. Your kitchen tasks will be more efficient and less frustrating. And the satisfaction of solving this plumbing problem yourself will make turning on that faucet even more rewarding.

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