Diamond Cabinets vs KraftMaid: A Head-to-Head Comparison


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When starting a kitchen renovation, one of the most crucial choices you will have to make is choosing high-quality cabinets. Your kitchen’s design and functioning will be shaped by the cabinets you choose for many years to come. Diamond Cabinets and KraftMaid are two well-known cabinet brands that are often taken into account. There are several significant distinctions to take into account before making your ultimate decision, even though both provide fashionable, long-lasting solutions at a variety of pricing ranges.

This post compares Diamond Cabinets vs KraftMaid in-depth to assist you in choosing the brand that will work best for your demands and price range while renovating your kitchen. We’ll consider things like the ability to customize the cabinetry, the varieties of wood and finishes, the cost, warranties, and homeowner testimonials on certain cabinet lines. You will have all the knowledge necessary at the end to confidently decide between KraftMaid and Diamond Cabinets for your kitchen. The cabinets you choose will turn your kitchen into the chic, useful area you’ve always imagined.

Overview of Diamond Cabinets vs KraftMaid

Two of the most well-known choices when comparing cabinet brands are KraftMaid and Diamond Cabinets. Both provide fashionable, high-quality bathroom and kitchen cabinets at different price ranges. Take into consideration the following when deciding which is the best match for your demands and budget:

Product Offerings

You can get stock or custom cabinets from Diamond Cabinets in classic, modern, and transitional styles. Their goods include basic plywood cabinets and high-end cabinets made of wood and paint that have extra features. KraftMaid also has a lot of different door types, colors, and price ranges for both stock and custom cabinets. Their high-quality wood and plastic cabinets, as well as their semi-custom choices, are what they’re known for.

Quality and Construction

Using strong wood and plywood, Diamond Cabinets are well put together. They come in MDF, wood, hickory, and hickory. KraftMaid is also known for building things that last and are of good quality. They use wood, hickory, maple, and MDF. Both names make strong tools and woodwork that will last for a long time.

Pricing and Value

Different price ranges are available from both Diamond Cabinets and KraftMaid. However, KraftMaid is usually thought of as a mid-range to high-end brand, while Diamond Cabinets also has more inexpensive choices. Most of the time, KraftMaid items cost a little more than similar Diamond Cabinets which are similar. There are, however, deals and discounts for both names all the time to get the best deal.

Either Diamond Cabinets or KraftMaid will give you stylish cabinets that are well-made. If you’re on a tight budget, Diamond Cabinets might be better. However, KraftMaid is a great choice for high-end, unique looks. Once you know what style, quality, and price are most important to you, you can pick the brand that fits your needs the best.

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Quality and Construction: How Diamond and KraftMaid Compare

Diamond Cabinets vs KraftMaid A Head-to-Head Comparison

Diamond Cabinets and KraftMaid are a lot alike when it comes to quality and design. All of their cabinets come with limited warranties that last a lifetime. They are both made in the U.S. and Canada. But there are a few things that are different:


High-quality timber species, including oak, maple, and hickory, are used by Diamond Cabinets. Additionally, they are renowned for their cutting-edge design elements, which include adjustable shelves, full-extension metal drawer glides, and soft-close doors and drawers. Similar wood species and hardware choices are also available from KraftMaid in their collections.

Joinery and Assembly

For a long-lasting finish, Diamond Cabinets are built using tried-and-true joinery methods such as pocket screws, glue, dowels, and staples. Similar to this, KraftMaid employs strong joinery techniques, including screws, glue, and dowels. With appropriate installation and maintenance, cabinets from both companies are renowned for having tight seams, sturdy attachments, and little warping or separation over time.


Where the brands diverge a little is in the choices for personalization. KraftMaid is renowned for offering an extraordinary array of custom sizes, designs, and storage solutions to fit any kitchen design or demand, while Diamond Cabinets offers a decent range of sizes, colors, and organizing accessories. You have more freedom to design a completely unique cabinetry system from the ground up when using KraftMaid.

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In conclusion, you may anticipate similar lifespan values, build quality, and quality from KraftMaid or Diamond Cabinets. But, KraftMaid could have a little edge if personalization is your main concern because of their unmatched selection of possibilities for designing the ideal cabinetry solution.

Styles and Design Options: Which Brand Offers More Variety?

When comparing cabinet brands, the variety of styles and design options offered is an important factor to consider. Both Diamond Cabinets and KraftMaid provide numerous choices to suit any home décor and budget.


Diamond Cabinets offers cabinetry in several popular styles, including traditional, transitional, contemporary, cottage, and rustic. No matter your preferred aesthetic, there are options to match. KraftMaid also provides a range of stylish cabinet designs like traditional, transitional, modern, and rustic. They frequently release new collections to keep up with the latest trends.

Wood and Finish Options

In terms of materials, Diamond Cabinets uses high-quality woods such as oak, maple, hickory, and cherry, available in a variety of stains and paints. KraftMaid offers similar premium wood species and an even wider selection of on-trend stains, glazes, and paints to create a custom look. Both brands provide durable, low-maintenance laminate options as well.

Storage Solutions

For maximum functionality, Diamond Cabinets and KraftMaid offer clever storage solutions. Things like corner cabinets, pull-out shelves, wastebasket cabinets, and drawer dividers help keep items organized and your kitchen clutter-free. Spice racks, tray dividers, and other specialized storage units are also available to suit your needs.


If you have a unique kitchen space or a specific vision in mind, custom cabinetry may be required. Diamond Cabinets and KraftMaid both offer semi-custom and fully custom options to bring your dream kitchen to life. Custom sizing, wood species, stains, hardware, and storage solutions can be tailored to your exact specifications.

In summary, while Diamond Cabinets and KraftMaid provide comparable styles, materials, and storage options, KraftMaid offers slightly more variety and frequently releases new collections. For maximum customization, either brand can create cabinetry to your precise measurements and design. The choice ultimately comes down to your preferred aesthetics and budget.

Costs: Diamond vs. KraftMaid Pricing

When comparing cabinet brands, cost is always a key factor for homeowners to consider. Both Diamond Cabinets and KraftMaid offer budget-friendly options as well as high-end selections to suit any project budget. However, Diamond generally has lower price points overall compared to KraftMaid.

Entry-Level Cabinets

Diamond’s entry-level cabinets, the Advantage series, start around $80-$100 per linear foot. KraftMaid’s most affordable line, the Essentials series, typically ranges from $100 to $150 per linear foot. For a small to mid-sized kitchen, this can mean a difference of $1,000–$3,000 or more between the two brands.

Mid-range and Premium Cabinets

There is still a big price difference between Diamond and KraftMaid when it comes to mid-range and high-end cabinets. Between $200 and $500 per linear foot, Diamond’s Intrigue and Reflections lines are priced. Similar KraftMaid cabinet sets begin at $300 to $700 per linear foot. KraftMaid’s most expensive handmade cabinets can cost $1,000 or more per square foot, which is a lot more than Diamond’s most expensive choices.

Additional Cost Considerations

When figuring out how much the whole project will cost, don’t forget to add in things like lights, cabinet handles, baseboards, and fitting fees. Add-ons from KraftMaid usually cost more than those from Diamond. But for some homes, the better quality of KraftMaid may be worth the extra cost.

Basically, if price is very important to you, Diamond Cabinets has cheaper choices than KraftMaid for all cabinet styles and types. If you’re ready and able to pay more for what you think is better quality, KraftMaid might be a good pick. If people know about these main price differences ahead of time, they can pick the cabinet brand that fits their wants, income, and level of quality.

Warranties and Customer Service: Support Offered by Each Brand

When comparing the warranties and customer service offered by Diamond Cabinets and KraftMaid, several factors are important to consider before making your final decision.

Warranty Coverage

Diamond Cabinets provides a limited lifetime warranty on all cabinetry, covering defects in materials and workmanship for as long as you own the product. KraftMaid also offers a lifetime limited warranty on all cabinetry. Both brands will repair or replace defective parts at no cost to the customer.

Warranty Exclusions

Most guarantees have some things that they don’t cover. Diamond or KraftMaid will not pay for damage caused by overuse, abuse, or bad fitting. What the guarantee doesn’t cover is normal wear and tear, natural differences in the wood grain, and fading or darkening that happens over time. You should know that KraftMaid’s guarantee can only be used by the person who bought the product in the first place. Within the first 5 years, Diamond’s guarantee can be given to someone else.

Customer Service and Support

On their websites, both Diamond Cabinets and KraftMaid offer customer service by phone, email, and live chat. To help people choose and install their cabinets, Diamond also has an online cabinet information center with video lessons, idea images, and planning tools. For any questions or worries, either brand will assign a specialized customer service agent who can answer them, help you find an authorized dealer, or help you file an insurance claim if something goes wrong.

To sum up, both Diamond Cabinets and KraftMaid offer similar customer service and limited lifetime promises on their furniture goods. Style, price, and any extra services that either brand offers should help you decide which one to buy. People can feel good about buying cabinets from either Diamond Cabinets or KraftMaid because they both offer good warranties and dedicated customer service teams.


Which option you choose in the end—KraftMaid or Diamond Cabinets—depends on your requirements and preferences. Both provide long-lasting, high-quality cabinetry that should endure for many years. If you have a limited budget or a preference for simpler designs, Diamond Cabinets offers a simplified assortment at more affordable prices. For those looking for a more upscale, customized design, KraftMaid provides high-end finishes and almost infinite personalization choices.

Considerations such as cost, style, and quality are crucial when assessing kitchen cabinet brands. To guarantee that you have a long-lasting outcome, you may choose the brand that best suits your house by first evaluating your requirements, priorities, and budget. You really can’t go wrong with any of these respectable brands, so the decision is yours. It’s time to get your creative juices flowing and start building your ideal kitchen!

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