Kohler Kitchen Faucet Spray Head Replacement Parts: Find What You Need


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Need to replace the spray head on your Kohler kitchen faucet? Find the right replacement parts here, including spray heads, hoses, and adaptors. We have a wide selection of genuine Kohler parts to choose from, so you can get your faucet back up and running in no time.

Are you tired of that leaky spray head on your kitchen sink? The one that just won’t stop dripping no matter how many times you’ve tried to tighten it? It’s beyond repair and needs to be replaced, but tracking down the right parts for your specific Kohler faucet model can be frustrating. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We carry a wide range of genuine Kohler replacement spray heads, hoses, and adaptors so you can find exactly what you need to get your kitchen faucet working like new again. No more drips, no more annoyance – just a fully functioning faucet that will make your time in the kitchen so much more enjoyable. Check out our selection of parts below to locate the right replacement for your Kohler kitchen faucet spray head.

Identifying Your Kohler Kitchen Faucet Model

Identifying Your Kohler Kitchen Faucet Model

Before you can order replacement parts for your Kohler kitchen faucet, you’ll need to determine your specific faucet model. The easiest way to identify your model is by locating the model number printed on your faucet.

Check Underneath the Faucet Spout

The model number is typically found on a label or engraved right on the underside of the faucet spout. You may need to turn off the water supply and detach any hoses to access it. Write down the full model number for reference when shopping for parts.

Check the Faucet Box or Manual

If you still have the original packaging or instruction manual for your Kohler faucet, the model number should be clearly listed on either of those. This is an easy way to identify your model without disassembling anything.

Measure Your Faucet Dimensions

If all else fails, you can determine your Kohler model number by measuring
key dimensions of your faucet like the spout height, reach, and base
diameter. Compare your measurements to Kohler’s dimension specifications on
their website or in a kitchen and bath showroom to match it to a model.

Once you’ve identified your specific Kohler kitchen faucet model, you can
find a wide range of genuine replacement parts on Kohler’s website or from
reputable plumbing retailers that carry Kohler products. From spray heads
and hoses to cartridges, you’ll be able to locate exactly what you need to
get your kitchen faucet working like new again. With the right Kohler parts,
a little DIY know-how, and a few basic tools, you’ll have your faucet fixed
in a flash.

Common Reasons for Replacing the Spray Head

Common Reasons for Replacing the Spray Head

The spray head on your Kohler kitchen faucet provides useful functionality,
but over time it can start to malfunction or show signs of wear and tear.
There are a few common reasons you may need to replace your spray head:

Mineral buildup

Mineral buildup

Hard water contains minerals like calcium and magnesium that can build up in
your spray head over time. This buildup prevents the spray head from
functioning properly and reduces water flow. Replacing the spray head is
often the easiest solution.

Broken or cracked spray face

Broken or cracked spray face The spray face, or aerator, is the perforated disk at the end of the spray head that diffuses the water flow. If this becomes cracked or broken, it won’t disperse water evenly and will need replacement.

The spray face, or aerator, is the perforated disk at the end of the spray
head that diffuses the water flow. If this becomes cracked or broken, it
won’t disperse water evenly and will need replacement.

Leaking or dripping

Leaking or dripping

If you notice your spray head is leaking or dripping water even when the
faucet is turned off, it likely needs replacement. Worn-out internal parts
like cartridges, diaphragms, or O-rings are usually the culprit and it’s
best to replace the entire spray head.

Loss of water pressure

Loss of water pressure

Over time, mineral buildup and general wear can reduce water flow from your
spray head. If water pressure seems significantly decreased no matter how
you adjust the faucet, replacing the spray head should restore full water

Replacing the spray head on your Kohler kitchen faucet is often an easy DIY
task, but be sure to purchase the correct replacement part for your specific
faucet model. Kohler’s website has an extensive selection of genuine
replacement spray heads, hoses, and adaptors to choose from so you can get
your kitchen faucet functioning like new again. 

Kohler Spray Head Design Types

Kohler Spray Head Design Types

Kohler offers three main spray head designs for their kitchen faucets:
aerated, pulsating, and laminar. The type you need depends on your personal
preferences and water pressure.

Aerated Spray

Water is infused with air via an aerated spray head, creating a gentle,
fizzy stream. With an aerated spray head, you may make up for low water
pressure by increasing the water volume by blowing in more air. Splashing is
also less likely because of the air. For the majority of culinary chores,
aerated spray heads—such as the
K-72218—are a handy and well-liked option.

Pulsating Spray

A quick, soothing spray of water is produced by a pulsing spray head. Some
find it handy for heavy-duty cleaning or for fast-washing veggies since it
generates a swirling, circular flow. Nonetheless, some people may splash
excessively as a result of the high pressure. If you desire your spray to be
more forceful, look at the

Laminar Spray

A single, steady stream of water is released by a laminar spray head. It
delivers concentrated, targeted pressure that can blast through stubborn
problems. Moreover, the simplified flow lessens the chance of splashing. For
those that prioritize cleaning power, a laminar spray head design like the
would be perfect.

Choosing a new Kohler spray head ultimately boils down to your priorities
and how you use your kitchen tap. Which kind of flow would you prefer—a
strong jet stream, a relaxing massage, or an all-purpose, gentle flow? There
is a spray head design from Kohler for every kitchen and job, so there is
always an alternative. Once you’ve decided which spray pattern works best
for you, purchase an authentic replacement spray head, hose, or adapter by
finding the matching Kohler component number. It won’t take long for your
tap to resume operating normally.

Choosing the Right Spray Head Replacement

Choosing the Right Spray Head Replacement

There are many alternatives available to you when it comes to replacing the
spray head on your Kohler kitchen tap. Which spray heads are compatible with
your tap will depend on its individual model; to find out what model it is,
see the Kohler website or owner’s handbook. Knowing the model will help you
choose a spray head that will fit correctly and fulfill your needs for

Spray Head Styles

To complement your tap, Kohler provides conventional spray heads in polished
brass, chrome, and other finishes. The three most popular are the aerated
spray for regular usage, the broad, soft Berrysoft spray, and the sweep
spray, which offers an angled, wide spray for fast cleaning and rinsing.
Additionally, some spray heads have various functions, such as the
MasterClean, which allows you to choose between spray, aerated flow, and

Hose Options

If your spray head attaches to a pull-out hose, you may need to replace the
hose as well. Kohler’s pull-out hoses come in different lengths, from 60
inches up to 120 inches for maximum reach. Make sure to choose a hose that
is specifically compatible with your faucet model.


Rather than replacing the complete hose, you may sometimes be able to use an
adapter to connect a new spray head to your current hose or tap. To enable
model-to-model interchangeability of their spray heads and hoses, Kohler
provides a range of adaptors and conversion kits. This might let you upgrade
to a preferred spray head while saving money.

To guarantee the finest fit and performance when upgrading or repairing your
kitchen tap, use original Kohler components. You may easily restore your
kitchen by choosing a spray head, hose, or adapter that is made especially
for your tap model. For assistance in locating the appropriate components or
performing the required repairs, get in touch with Kohler’s customer care.
They are there to help with all of your plumbing problems, offering advice
and assistance.

Other Important Faucet Components to Consider Replacing

It should come as no surprise that the spray head on your kitchen tap might
eventually start to wear down or fail since it is one of the most utilised
components. Fortunately, changing a Kohler spray head or hose is often a
simple do-it-yourself project. These are some more parts of the tap that you
may wish to change at the same time.

Faucet Cartridge

The cartridge is the internal part that controls the flow of water and
temperature. If your faucet is dripping or not changing temperature
properly, the cartridge is likely worn out or damaged. Replacing the
cartridge typically only takes a few minutes and requires no special tools.
Check your Kohler faucet model number to find the correct replacement

Faucet Valve

The valve is responsible for controlling water flow to the spray head and
spout. If the water flow seems weak or uneven, the valve could need
replacement. Kohler faucet valves, like the cartridge, are designed to be
easy to replace by the homeowner. Make sure to turn off the water supply
before starting.

Faucet Supply Lines

The supply lines connect your faucet to the water supply shutoff valves
under the sink. If the lines are old or damaged, now is a good time to
replace them. It only takes a few minutes and will give you peace of mind
knowing you have new, leak-free connections. Be sure to get supply lines
that match your faucet – copper, braided stainless steel, or vinyl.

Faucet Aerators and Gaskets

While you have the water supply turned off and your faucet disassembled,
check the aerators at the end of the spout and spray head and any gaskets or
O-rings inside the faucet body. Built-up sediment or damaged parts can
affect water flow. Clean or replace as needed.

Replacing these additional faucet components during your spray head repair
will help ensure the maximum performance and longevity of your Kohler
kitchen faucet. Take your time and be sure to turn the water back on slowly
to check for any leaks before putting your tools away.

Kohler Faucet Hose Replacements

If the spray head on your Kohler kitchen faucet is malfunctioning or
leaking, you’ll need to replace it. Kohler offers a variety of spray head
replacements to choose from so you can get the functionality you need.

Spray Heads

The most common replacement part is the spray head itself. Kohler spray
heads come in a range of styles including:

  • For most jobs, the standard spray offers an aerated flow. In the event that you are
    unsure of the kind of spray pattern you want, this is a fantastic
    all-purpose option.
  • BerrySoft spray: This product has a broad, gentle spray that is great for washing
    and rinsing. Excellent for cleaning delicate things like lettuce, berries,
    and plants.
  • Sweep spray: Produces a broad sweeping motion with an angled water blade. This spray
    works well for cleaning sinks and swiftly washing dishes.
  • Boost spray: More water pressure means more strength for problems that just won’t go
    away. In situations when you need intense cleaning force, use the Boost

Faucet Hoses

If your faucet sprayer hose is leaking, corroded or doesn’t retract
properly, you may need to replace it. Kohler offers pull-down and pull-out
sprayer hoses in various lengths to suit your needs. Make sure to choose a
hose that is specifically designed to fit your Kohler faucet model for the
best performance.

Additional Parts

You may also need ancillary parts like weight kits, adaptors or escutcheons
to properly install your new spray head or hose. Kohler provides all the
small parts and accessories to get your faucet back in working order.

By choosing genuine Kohler replacement parts, you can keep your faucet
functioning like new for years to come. With regular maintenance and
high-quality parts, a Kohler kitchen faucet should provide you a lifetime of
trouble-free use.

Adaptors for Compatibility With Other Brand Hoses

To connect a replacement spray head to your Kohler faucet, you may need an
adaptor. Kohler faucets use a proprietary spray hose design, so generic
spray heads typically won’t fit directly onto the faucet’s supply line or
hose. An adaptor provides a bridge between the two incompatible parts.

Kohler offers a few different adaptor options to choose from:

  • Quick Connect Adaptor: This adaptor connects a standard quick connect
    spray head to your Kohler pull-down or pull-out faucet hose. It features a
    quick-connect end to attach to the hose and a male or female-threaded end
    to connect the spray head.
  • Hose Adaptor: Use this adaptor to connect a replacement hose to your
    Kohler faucet. One end attaches to the faucet supply line or outlet, while
    the other end connects to the new hose. Kohler offers adaptors for
    connecting to hoses with either threaded or quick-connect ends.
  • Aerator Adaptor: If you want to replace the aerator tip on your Kohler
    faucet with a different style, an aerator adaptor allows you to connect an
    aftermarket aerator. One end attaches to the faucet while the other end
    provides the proper threading for the replacement aerator.

Using the correct Kohler adaptor for your needs helps ensure a secure,
leak-free connection between the new spray head or hose and your existing
faucet. Be sure to check your faucet and hose specifications to determine
which type of adaptor—if any—you require. With the right adaptor on hand,
replacing your Kohler spray head or hose is an easy DIY job.

If you have additional questions about finding parts for your Kohler kitchen
faucet, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re happy to help you identify the
specific components needed to get your faucet functioning properly again.

Step-by-Step Guide for Installing New Spray Head and Hose

To install a new spray head and hose on your Kohler kitchen faucet, follow
these steps:

Turn off the water supply

Find the cutoff valves beneath or next to your washbasin and turn off the
water supply as a priority. This will stop the water from sprinkling all
over the place while you’re repairing the tap. Prior to operating, relieve
any built-up pressure by turning the handle of your single-handle tap to the
“on” position.

Remove the existing spray head

The spray head is attached to the hose end by a simple screw. To take it
off, spin anticlockwise while holding the spray head with one pair of pliers
or channel locks and the hose end in the other. It may need to be broken
free with strong pressure. In the event that any water leaks have a towel

Attach the new spray hose (if replaced)

Remove the old hose by unscrewing the retention clip or retaining nut that
holds it to the tap base if you’re changing the hose in addition to the
spray head. You will get comprehensive instructions on how to attach the
replacement hose to your particular Kohler tap model. The majority of the
time, it entails inserting the hose into the spout or base of the tap and
tightening it with the attached retaining clip.

Attach the new spray head

Finally, screw on your new Kohler spray head, turning clockwise by hand.
Tighten firmly using pliers or channel locks. Turn the water back on and
check for any leaks before using your faucet. Flush the faucet and spray
head for a few minutes to remove any debris.

Your Kohler kitchen faucet should now be working like new with the
replacement spray head and hose installed. Be sure to turn on both the
faucet and spray functions to ensure proper flow and operation. If you run
into any issues or need additional help identifying parts, don’t hesitate to
contact Kohler’s customer support for guidance. With the right parts and a
little DIY skills, you’ll have your kitchen faucet up and running again in
no time.

FAQs About Kohler Kitchen Faucet Repairs and Parts

So you need to replace parts on your Kohler kitchen faucet? Don’t worry,
you’ve come to the right place. We have genuine Kohler replacement parts for
most models. Here are some common questions and answers to help you find
what you need.

Do I need any special tools?

Basic hand tools like adjustable pliers, screwdrivers, and Allen wrenches
should do the trick for most Kohler kitchen faucet repairs. You may need a
basin wrench to access nuts in tight spaces. Make sure to turn off the water
supply before starting any repairs.

How do I find the right spray head or hose?

Look for the model number printed on your faucet—it will start with K-
followed by numbers. Enter that into our part finder tool on the website to
view spray heads, hoses, and other parts for your specific faucet. If you
can’t find the model number, you can also measure the diameter of your
existing spray head attachment point in inches—common sizes are 1/2 inch,
5/8 inch, or 3/4 inch.

Do you have adaptors to connect a new hose or spray head?

Yes, we offer adaptors and conversion kits to help you connect new hoses,
spray heads, and other parts that may not directly fit your faucet. Common
types are male-female adaptors, quick-connect adaptors, and proprietary
adaptors for Kohler pull-down and pull-out faucets. Just enter your faucet
model number to see available options.


That’s all there is to it when it comes to replacing the spray head on your Kohler kitchen tap. Your tap will soon be functioning like new again if you have the correct component numbers and a few simple tools. Take control of your kitchen by ordering the new parts right now and stop battling with a broken or leaky spray head. You won’t realize how much you depend on a working kitchen tap and sprayer until it’s installed. good purchasing and good fixing! Before long, your tap will be lending you a hand in the kitchen again!

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