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Looking for modern kitchen paint colors to go with your cherry cabinets? Look no further! Our gallery of pictures is full of inspiration, from timeless neutrals to bold and trendy shades. Whether you’re going for a sleek and minimalist look or a warm and inviting atmosphere, you’re sure to find the perfect color palette for your kitchen here.

Although your kitchen’s cherrywood cabinets are stunning, the rest of the area seems a touch dull. It’s time for a paint job and update. But where do you even begin with so many options? Do not worry; we have you covered. The most gorgeous contemporary kitchen paint colors that go well with cherry cabinets are something we’ve carefully chosen after searching the internet. Be ready to be inspired by a range of colors, from dazzling whites and vibrant blues to warm neutrals and gentle grays. There is a palette that suits your taste, whether you want to draw attention to those deep wood tones or create a striking contrast. Discover the color combinations that will make your kitchen the chic area you’ve always wanted by reading on. You can get the ideal tint with only a picture!

Neutral Tones Provide a Clean, Sophisticated Look

Neutral tones like white, cream, gray, and beige pair beautifully with cherry cabinets and create a clean, sophisticated look in your kitchen.

  • White is a timeless choice that makes a space feel open and airy. It reflects light and brightens the kitchen, allowing the rich cherry cabinets to stand out. Try shades like chalk white or Swiss coffee for a warm, creamy white.
  • Pale grays are stylish yet subtle. Colors like silver mist or slate gray complement cherry cabinets nicely while keeping the overall look cozy. They’re ideal if you want a hint of color without going too dark.
  • Beige and taupe shades with warm, earthy undertones also work well with cherry wood. Think camel, sandstone, or linen. They provide warmth and visual contrast for an inviting space.

No matter which neutral tone you choose, keep the walls a solid color for a seamless look. You can then incorporate texture and visual interest through natural materials like stone countertops, ceramic tile backsplashes, or wood flooring.

With the right neutral shade and a few key accents, your kitchen will exude a peaceful, rustic charm. The rich cherry cabinets ground the space while the lighter walls and natural light keep it feeling open and airy. A match made in design heaven!

Grays Add an Elegant, Modern Touch

Grays Add an Elegant, Modern Touch

If you want a modern kitchen with cherry cabinets, grays are an elegant color choice. Gray is a neutral that pairs beautifully with the warm, red undertones of cherry wood. It helps create a stylish space that is both minimal and inviting.

Cool Grays for a Sleek Look

For a sleek, contemporary feel, consider shades like:

  • Charcoal gray: A deep, dramatic gray that makes a bold statement. Perfect if you want your cherry cabinets to be the focal point.
  • Slate gray: A medium, blue-gray tone that is sophisticated yet calming.
  • Graphite: A soft, hazy gray that is light enough to keep the space airy but dark enough to be moody and chic.

These cool grays create a minimal, refined look when combined with cherry cabinets. They make the space feel open but luxe. For the walls, choose a shade slightly lighter than the cabinets so they stand out. Then bring in stainless steel or brushed nickel accents for an ultra-modern vibe.

Warm Grays for a Cozy Feel

For a cozier kitchen, warm grays with brown or beige undertones are ideal. Some options include:

  • Mushroom gray: An earthy, organic gray with subtle beige tones. Warm yet muted.
  • Greige: A mix of gray and beige that strikes a perfect balance. Warm and welcoming but not too brown.
  • Dusty gray: A very light, weathered gray that feels cozy and lived-in.

These grays have more depth and visual warmth, so they make a cherry kitchen feel extra inviting. Pair them with natural wood or stone accents, woven baskets, and ambient lighting for a rustic yet refined look. Your kitchen will be a space where everyone feels comfortable gathering.

With the right shade of gray on your walls, your cherry cabinets can go from dated to stylish. Choose a tone that matches your desired mood and then accessorize to highlight the warmth and beauty of the wood. Your kitchen is sure to become the heart of your home.

Soft Whites Keep Things Bright and Airy

Soft Whites Keep Things Bright and Airy

Soft whites are a perfect choice if you want to keep your kitchen feeling open and airy. Stick with shades like cream, ivory, or eggshell for walls. These muted tones pair beautifully with cherry cabinets, allowing the wood tones to stand out while still brightening the space.

  • Cream or ivory: For a classic, timeless look, cream, and ivory can’t be beaten. Benjamin Moore’s Creamy White or Sherwin Williams’ Alabaster are soft, creamy whites that complement cherry wood perfectly.
  • Eggshell: Eggshell paint has a subtle sheen and a slight yellow undertone that gives warmth to a kitchen. Colors like Benjamin Moore’s White Dove or Sherwin Williams’ Snowbound are bright but creamy eggshell whites ideal for kitchens with cherry cabinets.
  • Avoid stark whites: Stay away from bright, stark whites like white dove or antique white which can make the space feel cold and washed out next to rich cherry wood. Softer off-whites are a much better choice.
  • Consider the undertones: When choosing a white paint color, consider the undertones to make sure it pair well with your cherry cabinets. Whites with yellow, beige, or red undertones tend to work best, while shades with blue, gray, or green undertones can clash. Always compare paint swatches next to your cabinets to see how the undertones interact.
  • Add warmth with accents: Pairing soft white walls with cherry cabinets creates a bright, open space. Add warmth back in with wood accents like butcher block countertops, wooden cutting boards, or rustic décor. Metallic accents in copper, brass, or bronze also help bridge the gap between the creamy walls and rich wood tones.
  • Change up the trim: For extra contrast, consider painting just the trim and ceiling in a crisp white like Benjamin Moore White Dove or Sherwin Williams High Reflective White. Using a bolder shade on trim and ceilings helps the soft off-white walls recede, making the space feel more open while allowing the cherry cabinets to pop.

Creamy Off-Whites Are Warm and Inviting

Creamy off-white is a perfect complement for cherry cabinets, creating a warm and inviting space. Shades like almond, candlelight, and cream will make your kitchen glow. These soft, muted tones pair beautifully with the rich, reddish wood of the cherry cabinets.

Almond is a subtle, creamy beige.

This shade is perfect if you want to keep your kitchen light and airy. Almond walls will reflect plenty of natural light, brightening the whole room. The almond color also helps the cherry cabinets stand out as a dramatic focal point. For accents, add touches of pale yellow or sage green.

Candlelight evokes a cozy glow.

A shade slightly darker than almond, candlelight exudes warmth. The color is reminiscent of a flickering candle, ideal for creating an inviting atmosphere. Candlelight walls highlight the luxurious look of cherry wood. Copper or bronze accents and hardware also pair nicely for a stylish, put-together space.

Cream is a versatile neutral.

Cream walls are a timeless choice for any kitchen. This off-white shade complements the rich cherry cabinets while keeping the space open and airy. Cream interiors can work with any style, from traditional to modern. For a cottage-style kitchen, add accents of pale blue, pink, or rose. In a contemporary space, cream pairs well with sleek stainless steel or black countertops and fixtures.

Off-white kitchens with cherry cabinets achieve an ideal balance of warmth and brightness. These muted, creamy shades create a harmonious and inviting backdrop for the dramatic cherry wood. Whether you prefer a lighter almond tone or cozier candlelight, off-whites are a foolproof choice for a kitchen with timeless style and character.

Beige and Tan Tones for a Subtle Contrast

Beige and tan tones are a subtle yet stylish contrast for cherry cabinets. These muted, earthy colors create a warm and inviting space without clashing with the rich wood tones.

Creamy off-white

An off-white like cream or ivory pairs beautifully with cherry cabinets. It provides a soft neutral base that allows the wood to remain the focus. An off-white shade is also versatile enough to work with any accent colors you want to incorporate through accessories, backsplash tiles, or countertops.

Warm sand

For a cozy desert vibe, consider a warm sand color. Like off-white, sand creates a natural harmony with cherry but has more golden undertones. This sunny shade opens up a kitchen and pairs well with natural materials like stone, brick, and rattan.


Taupe is another earthy neutral that complements cherry cabinets. Ranging from a mushroomy gray beige to a richer mocha brown, taupe adds subtle depth and dimension. Its velvety tone also helps cherry cabinets feel more integrated into the space rather than sticking out. Taupe works with both warm metals like brass and cool metals like nickel.


A tan shade a few notches darker than sand or cream also pairs nicely with cherry cabinets. Look for shades like cinnamon, caramel, or cocoa for a warm, welcoming look. The darker tone helps anchor the cherry cabinets to the walls while still keeping the overall feel light and airy. For accents, incorporate nut browns, terracotta oranges, or olive greens.

With beige and tan tones, you can create a kitchen that feels cozy yet polished. Keep the walls a uniform color and add dimension with a complementary backsplash or flooring. Brass hardware, lighting fixtures, and accents will enhance the warm, earthy vibe. These natural-inspired neutrals allow your beautiful cherry cabinets to take center stage while crafting an inviting atmosphere.

Bold, Vibrant Colors Make a Statement

Bold, vibrant colors are an exciting choice for kitchens with cherry cabinets. They make a dramatic statement and bring tons of personality to the space. Consider shades of:


Nothing complements cherry wood better than red. From bright cherry red for a monochromatic look to rusty burnt sienna, red hues pair beautifully with cherry cabinets. For a modern take, try crimson or scarlet. These passionate shades are bold but sophisticated.


Warm, vibrant orange is an unexpected but stylish option for cherry kitchens. Burnt orange, tangerine, or persimmon provide an energetic pop of color. For a retro twist, mustard yellow is a trendy retro-inspired shade. These sunny hues create a cozy, welcoming atmosphere.


Deep, jewel-toned greens like emerald, forest, and teal make a lush, dramatic statement with cherry cabinets. Olive or sage provides an earthy, natural contrast. For a retro 1950s look, mint green is a playful retro shade that pairs wonderfully with cherry wood.


Navy blue is a classic, nautical-inspired shade that looks polished and put together with cherry cabinets. Cobalt or peacock blue makes an even bolder statement. For a beachy vibe, try a shade like seafoam or aqua. These breezy, coastal-inspired hues bring a sense of relaxation.

Vibrant colors may seem like an intimidating choice, but when done right they can make a stylish splash. The key is to choose a shade you love and keep the walls a solid color. Then, incorporate accent colors in small doses through accessories like towels, rugs, and decor. This helps the bold color feel cohesive rather than chaotic. With an open and airy space, rich wood floors and natural light, vibrant walls, and cherry cabinets create a kitchen that is warm, cheerful, and oozing with character.

Deep Navy Blue Exudes Drama

If you’re looking to create a bold statement in your kitchen, navy blue is the way to go. This deep, dramatic color pairs beautifully with cherry cabinets and instantly transforms the space into something sophisticated and moody.

  • Consider navy blue walls for a cohesive look. Painting the walls around your cabinets the same shade of navy ties the whole kitchen together and makes a big impact. For extra drama, paint the ceiling navy too.
  • Use navy blue for accents. If fully painting the walls navy seems too dark, use it for accents instead. Navy blue island, trim, or backsplash tiles create a striking contrast with the warm wood tones of cherry. Navy chairs, stools, or small appliances also make great accents.
  • Combine navy and natural materials. The depth of navy is nicely balanced when combined with natural materials like wood, stone, wicker, or rattan. A wooden or stone countertop on a navy base cabinet or open shelving made of rattan or wicker baskets adds warmth and texture.
  • Add metallic touches. Polished nickel or chrome fixtures, hardware, and lighting fixtures pair beautifully with navy blue. Their metallic sheen helps brighten up the dark color and gives the space a more contemporary feel.
  • Use navy sparingly for a cozy feel. If you want to keep your kitchen bright but still use navy, apply it sparingly. Navy cabinets or an island in an otherwise neutral or white kitchen create a cozy, nestled-in feel. The dark color draws your eye in and creates an intimate space.

Navy blue is a timeless yet dramatic color that gives cherry cabinets a sophisticated makeover. Whether used boldly or sparingly, its deep, moody tone creates a stylish kitchen space you’ll love spending time in. What are you waiting for? Bring on the navy blue!

Forest Green Adds Organic Appeal

Forest green is a timeless and natural-looking color that pairs beautifully with cherry cabinets. The deep, earthy tone complements the warm wood tones and creates an organic vibe in the kitchen.

A classic color combo

The combination of forest green walls and cherry cabinets is a classic one that has been used in kitchens for decades. The dark, dramatic shades work together harmoniously to create a stylish and cozy space. The green helps ground the space while the wood adds visual warmth.

Connecting to nature

Forest green evokes a sense of connection to nature. The verdant shade brings to mind lush, leafy woodlands and creates an oasis of calm in your home. If you want to enhance the natural feel, add natural wood and stone accents, houseplants, and outdoor views.

Play with textures

With forest-green walls as the backdrop, have fun experimenting with different materials and textures in your kitchen. Some ideas include:

  • butcher block countertops
  • ceramic tile backsplash
  • wrought iron fixtures and hardware
  • rattan or wicker stools

The varied textures will make the space feel cozy and multi-dimensional.

Keep it bright

Even though forest green is a dark, dramatic color, you’ll want to make sure your kitchen still feels bright and airy. Add ample task lighting, especially over work areas like the stove and sink. Choose light-colored countertops to prevent a cave-like feel. And include natural light sources when possible, such as windows and skylights. With the right lighting and accents, forest green walls can make a kitchen feel snug but not dreary.

Forest green is a bold and stylish choice for kitchen walls that provides a perfect complement to warm cherry cabinets. By balancing the rich shade with natural light and textures, you can create a kitchen with organic appeal and woodsy charm. The timeless color combination and nature-inspired style will make your kitchen a space you enjoy for years to come.

Accent Walls in Red or Yellow Inject Personality

Accent walls in bold, dramatic colors are a great way to inject personality into your kitchen. Consider painting one wall in a vibrant red or cheery yellow tone. These warm, energetic shades pair beautifully with rich cherry cabinets.


A red accent wall makes a bold statement. For a modern look, choose a bright cherry red or crimson shade. These deep reds complement the reddish tones in cherry wood. A fire engine red or ruby red also works well for a retro-inspired kitchen. Limit the red to just one wall to avoid overwhelming the space.


Sunny yellow is a perfect accent color for a kitchen. A golden yellow or daffodil shade creates a warm, inviting glow. For a retro look, try mustard yellow. Lemon or banana yellow adds a burst of energy to a contemporary kitchen. Yellow also contrasts nicely with the reddish cherry cabinets. Keep the yellow tone bright and limit it to one wall.

To balance the bold accent wall, paint the remaining walls in a neutral shade like gray, beige, or white. You can also echo the accent color with accessories like bar stools, rugs, towels, or decorative accents. This helps tie the whole look together without being overpowering.

An accent wall in vivid red or yellow is ideal for kitchens with an open floor plan. It makes a stylish statement that can be seen from nearby living spaces. The pop of color helps differentiate the kitchen area in an open-concept home.

For smaller kitchens, limit the accent wall to one wall to avoid making the space feel cramped. Stick to lighter, brighter shades which help open up the room. Deeper, darker tones may make a small kitchen feel closed in.

An accent wall is an easy, budget-friendly way to update your kitchen decor. By keeping the remaining walls a neutral color, you can easily change the accent wall color in the future for an entirely new look. Red and yellow accent walls are a great way to inject your personality and style into your cooking space.


There are so many exquisite alternatives available to you! There’s a color scheme in this collection that will make your cherry cabinets truly shine, whether you want to go very light and airy or very dark and dramatic. The exciting part is about to start: get some paint samples, choose your top picks, and see how they seem against the lighting in your actual kitchen. It won’t take long to have a newly painted room that brings you joy upon entering. Enjoy your artwork! Now let the change start.

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