Open Kitchen Cabinet Ideas for a Stylish and Functional Kitchen


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Open kitchen cabinets are a stylish and functional way to update your kitchen. Get inspired by stunning photos of open kitchen cabinets, learn about the benefits of open shelving, and get tips on how to make open shelving work for you.

You’ve been thinking about remodeling your kitchen and open shelving is calling your name. Who can resist the stylish yet casual look of plates and glasses on display? Open kitchen cabinets are a gorgeous way to show off your dishes and cookware while opening up your space. If you’re on the fence about open shelving in your kitchen, let these stunning photos convince you. There are so many benefits to knocking down those cabinet doors. Your kitchen will feel more airy and inviting, your items will be in easy reach, and you’ll never have to fuss with hardware again. With some smart design tips, open shelving can work for any kitchen. Get ready for a kitchen makeover that will make you want to cook and entertain. Open shelving is about to change your kitchen in the best way.

Open Kitchen Cabinet Ideas: Inspiration for a Stylish and Functional Kitchen

Open Kitchen Cabinet Ideas
Open Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Open kitchen cabinets are all the rage these days, and for good reason. They instantly create an airy, stylish feel and make your kitchen seem more spacious. The Benefits of Open Shelving

Open shelving has so many benefits beyond esthetics. For one, it’s much easier to find what you need at a glance. No more rummaging through cabinets and drawers. Everything is right there within easy reach.

Open shelving also encourages you to pare down to the essentials. Do you really need three sets of plates or six sizes of glasses for two people? Probably not. Edit down to your must-haves and enjoy the decluttered look.

If you’re worried about dust, choose items you use often and wipe them down regularly. Or group items together on a tray. The key is keeping surfaces clutter-free.

Stylish Solutions for Open Shelving

Wooden boards, industrial metal racks, rustic crates, and sleek acrylic organizers are all great options for open shelving. Mix and match for an eclectic look or choose a cohesive style for a more minimalist vibe.

Consider grouping items by type. Place all glasses, mugs, and other drinkware together on one shelf. Have a snack shelf filled with crackers, granola bars, trail mix and the like. A spice shelf with matching jars is perfect for aspiring home cooks.

No matter what style you choose, open shelving helps create a warm, welcoming kitchen where people naturally want to gather. Give it a try – you may never go back to closed cabinets again!

Benefits of Open Shelving in Your Kitchen

Benefits of Open Shelving in Your Kitchen
Benefits of Open Shelving in Your Kitchen

Open shelving in your kitchen has so many benefits. Here are a few of the main ones:

More Space

Without upper cabinets blocking the walls, open shelving creates an airy, spacious feel in your kitchen. It makes the room appear more open and less cramped. All that freed-up wall space also gives you more opportunities to add decor that reflects your personal style.

Easy Access

Everything is right within reach on open shelving. No more fumbling around in dark, cramped cabinets or needing to haul out the step stool to reach items on high shelves. You’ll be able to grab what you need quickly and easily.

Stylish Simplicity

The minimal, streamlined look of open shelving is stylish yet simple. It highlights the natural materials and shapes of kitchenware and pantry items. The overall effect is a clean, uncluttered space that feels casual and laid-back.

Healthier Habits

With open shelving, the contents of your cabinets are in plain sight. This can motivate you to keep things well-organized and avoid stockpiling expired or unhealthy foods. You’ll also be more aware of what you have on hand, which can help reduce food waste.

Open kitchen shelving has so many practical and esthetic benefits. By giving it a try in your own kitchen, you’ll gain valuable additional counter and storage space, easier accessibility, a stylish uncluttered look, and may even develop some healthier habits. Now isn’t that an inspiration?

How to Decide if Open Shelving Is Right for You

Open shelving in the kitchen isn’t for everyone. Before you commit to tearing out your upper cabinets, consider if an open and airy kitchen is the right choice for you.

How messy are you?

If you prefer a minimal, clutter-free space, open shelving may not be ideal. Without cabinet doors to conceal items, everything on your shelves will be on display. Are you willing to commit to keeping counters and shelves tidy? If not, closed cabinets are probably a better option.

How much storage do you need?

Open shelving typically provides less storage space than traditional cabinets. If you have a large collection of dishes, pots, pans, or small appliances, open shelving may not provide enough room. Measure how much you currently store in your upper cabinets to determine if open shelving could meet your needs. You may need to pare down or use other storage solutions.

What’s your design style?

Open shelving works well for contemporary, industrial, rustic, and farmhouse-style kitchens. If your kitchen has a traditional style with ornate woodwork or cabinetry, open shelving could seem out of place. Consider if open shelving matches your desired kitchen aesthetic before making the switch.

Do you entertain frequently?

For those who love to host dinner parties or frequently have guests over, open shelving makes everything readily accessible for cooking and serving. However, some may prefer the option to hide clutter and mess behind closed cabinet doors when the company comes over.

Making the switch to open shelving is a big change, but for the right home and the right person, the benefits of a stylish, open kitchen can be well worth it. Evaluate what factors are most important for your needs and lifestyle before taking out the cabinet doors. With some decluttering and commitment to tidiness, open shelving could be a great choice for creating your dream kitchen.

Design Ideas for Open Kitchen Cabinets

Open shelving in your kitchen is a stylish way to display decorative items and free up cabinet space. An open design gives a spacious, airy feel and allows you to easily see everything at a glance. Consider these design ideas to make the most of open shelving in your kitchen:

Group items by function or color

Organize your shelves by grouping similar items together, like all your mugs on one shelf, spices on another, and plates on a third. Or arrange items by color for an artful display. Groupings make open shelving look neat and purposeful.

Use matching containers

If you want to hide clutter but still have an open feel, use matching containers, baskets or bins to corral items like snacks, utensils, or pantry goods. Label each container so everything has a designated spot. Containers keep things tidy but still accessible.

Include task lighting

Add under-cabinet or shelf lighting to brightly illuminate open areas. Task lighting makes it easy to see everything on your shelves and gives your kitchen a bright, functional glow.

Keep it minimal

For open shelving to work, you need to avoid overcrowding. Keep only your most decorative or frequently used items on display. Store less attractive items in cabinets to maintain a minimal, uncluttered look. A good rule of thumb is to leave about 30 to 40 percent of the shelf space open.

Consider a mix of shelves and cabinets

If open shelving isn’t for all your needs, do a combination of open shelves and traditional cabinets. Use open shelves for dishes, glassware, and decor items, and cabinets for pantry goods and appliances. A mix of the two styles gives you the best of both worlds in your kitchen design.

Open shelving adds style, function, and a spacious quality to any kitchen. With some strategic organization and design techniques, you can create an open kitchen cabinet look you’ll love. Let your kitchen items shine and make the most of an open and airy space.

Tips for Styling and Organizing Open Shelves

Open shelving in your kitchen allows you to show off your favorite dishes, linens, and decorations. However, without doors or drawers to contain everything, keeping open shelves looking stylish yet organized can be a challenge. Here are some tips to make the most of your open kitchen cabinets:

Group items by type.

Keep plates, glasses, linens, and pantry items on separate shelves. This makes everything easy to find and prevents a cluttered look.

Use matching or coordinating items.

Having dishes, glassware, and containers in the same color family or material creates a cohesive look. Mixing and matching a variety of styles can appear messy and disorganized.

Leave some empty space.

Don’t overcrowd your open shelves. Leave some empty space in between items and on each shelf. This makes everything easier to grab and gives a more minimalist vibe.

Add risers or dividers.

Risers, dividers, and organizers help keep items separated and prevent them from becoming messy. Look for options the same color as your shelves for a seamless look.

Hide clutter with baskets.

Baskets are a stylish way to hide clutter on open shelves. Use baskets to corral items like napkins, towels, and kitchen tools. Just be sure to label the baskets so you know what’s inside!

Change up styling for the seasons.

Add a seasonal touch to your open shelves by swapping out or rearranging some items. For spring, add a vase of fresh flowers. For fall, arrange colorful leaves, small pumpkins or decorative gourds. Keep the seasonal items minimal so your shelves don’t look too cluttered.

With the right approach, you can have open kitchen cabinets that are both stylish and functional. Keep things organized, leave empty space, and add seasonal touches for an inviting kitchen that inspires you to cook and entertain.


Here are some suggestions and motivations for incorporating fashionable but useful open shelves into your kitchen. Let your dishes, glasses, and pantry contents show through by opening those cabinets. Your kitchen will seem more open, uncluttered, and like a reflection of who you are. Don’t be scared to decorate your open shelves in an original way. Combine different materials, depths, and heights to create the most visual intrigue. Above all, fill those empty shelves with things you really use and enjoy. An open kitchen should be both practical and welcoming. Cheers to cooking and good food!

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