Open Kitchen Cabinets No Doors: Inspiration, Benefits, and Tips


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Open kitchen cabinets without doors are a stylish and functional way to update your kitchen. Get inspired by stunning photos, learn about the benefits, and get tips on how to make open shelving work for you.

You’ve been thinking about taking the doors off of your kitchen cabinets to make more room, but you’re not sure whether it’s the best option for your layout. A kitchen might seem larger and more airy with open cabinetry. Additionally, it makes everything within easily accessible so you won’t have to search around for what you need. Open cabinets may become a striking feature that offers your kitchen a personalized, upscale appearance with some tasteful organizing and the appropriate aesthetic. Here are some ideas, advantages, and advice to help you decide whether becoming doorless in your kitchen is the correct move for your house. Many opportunities arise when a kitchen is left open.

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Open Kitchen Cabinet Inspiration: Gorgeous Photos of Doorless Design

Open Kitchen Cabinet Inspiration Gorgeous Photos of Doorless Design

Open kitchens are gorgeous, modern, and chic. By removing cabinet doors, you create an airy, spacious feel and allow the beautiful items inside to shine through. Get inspired by these stunning doorless kitchens:

Gorgeous marble and gold accents

The marble backsplash, countertops, and gold hardware in this kitchen create a luxe look. The lack of upper cabinet doors highlights these features and makes a strong style statement.

Rustic wood meets industrial

Exposed wooden beams, a brick backsplash, and metal accents give this kitchen rustic-industrial appeal. The open shelving showcases colorful dishware, creating visual interest.

Bright and beachy

Ocean blues and sandy accents evoke a coastal vibe in this cheerful kitchen. The open shelving displays decorative glassware, seashells, and coral, complementing the beachy theme.

Farmhouse chic

White shaker cabinets, marble countertops, and a subway tile backsplash give this kitchen a classic farmhouse feel. The open shelving units with brackets reinforce the style and provide space for greenery, antique signs, and other decor.

Open shelving offers benefits beyond just looks. It’s easy to grab what you need and keeps items within sight and reach. It also creates a more spacious feel. However, open shelving may lead to dust buildup on items inside. Place items you use often on open shelves and group items with covers or lids together. With the right style and accessories, open kitchen cabinet designs can take your kitchen from basic to brilliant.

The Benefits of Removing Cabinet Doors in Your Kitchen

Removing the doors from your kitchen cabinets opens up your space and provides some useful benefits.

More Accessible Storage

Without doors blocking the way, everything in your cabinets is visible and within easy reach. No more fumbling around for a pot or pan buried in the back corner. Your most frequently used items can be placed front and center so you can grab them quickly when cooking or baking.

A More Open Feel

Removing cabinet doors creates an airy, spacious feel in your kitchen. The open cabinets make the room seem more open and connected, especially in small kitchens. Your kitchen will instantly feel lighter and brighter.

Show off Stylish Dishes

Open cabinets are a great way to show off decorative dishes, glassware, and other attractive kitchen items. Your colorful or patterned pieces can become part of the decor on display. Just be sure to group similar items together and keep them organized for the best look.

Easier to Clean

Without doors in the way, your cabinets are more accessible for wiping down and dusting. Spills and splatters inside the cabinets can be spotted and cleaned up quickly before they have a chance to dry. Keeping your open cabinets clean and decluttered is key to maintaining a welcoming appearance.

Save Space

Removing doors from corner cabinets or those awkward cabinets over the refrigerator frees up useful storage space. The narrow doors on those cabinets often don’t open fully, limiting how much you can put inside. Taking off the doors provides complete access to the contents of the cabinet.

Open kitchen cabinets offer many useful benefits and a stylish, contemporary look. With some strategic decluttering and organization, removing your cabinet doors can be a simple DIY project with a high visual impact. Your kitchen will feel more spacious, accessible, and put together.

Things to Consider Before Going Doorless

Have you been thinking of removing the doors on your kitchen cabinets for an open, airy look? An open kitchen can make the space feel more spacious and bright. However, going doorless is not for everyone. There are a few factors to weigh before taking off those cabinet doors.

  • First, consider how organized you are. Without doors to conceal the contents, everything in your cabinets will be on display. If you have a tendency to let things get messy, open cabinets may cause you anxiety or require frequent tidying up. Are you willing to commit to keeping the interiors of your cabinets clutter-free and neatly organized? If not, you may want to rethink going doorless.
  • Next, think about what’s stored in your cabinets. Are there any items you’d rather not have out in the open like rarely used appliances or unappealing boxes? Make sure you’re comfortable with the contents of each cabinet being visible before removing the doors. You can always designate one cabinet to remain closed for storing items you want to keep hidden.
  • Also, keep in mind that open cabinets allow more dust and grease to settle on shelves and cabinet contents. Be prepared to wipe them down more often. You may also want to consider installing cabinet liners, especially under cabinets near the stove, to make wiping spills and splatters easier.
  • Finally, check how your open cabinets will impact the overall look and function of your kitchen. Removing doors can make a kitchen feel more casual and lived-in. Make sure this aligns with the style you want. And consider how open shelving may affect workspace and countertop space in your kitchen. Removing doors provides more open areas, but it also exposes more cabinet contents which can feel cluttered.

Going doorless in your kitchen cabinets can be a great choice if you go in with realistic expectations. Think it over and make sure you fully understand the impact it may have on your space. If done right, open kitchen cabinets can give you a bright, stylish kitchen you’ll love.

Tips for Styling and Organizing Open Shelving

Once you’ve decided to go with open shelving in your kitchen, it’s time to style and organize them. Here are some tips to make the most of your open cabinets:

Group items together

Group similar items together on the shelves to make things easy to find. Have a shelf for glasses, one for plates, one for spices, etc. You can also group by color or material. Keeping things organized will make your open shelves functional and easy to use.

Add risers

Use risers, platforms, or cabinet organizers to create multiple levels on each shelf. This adds dimension and gives you more space to store items. You can find many options for cabinet risers and organizers that match your kitchen decor.

Keep it minimal

Don’t overcrowd your open shelves. While you want to utilize the space, keeping things minimal will make your kitchen look more open and spacious. Only keep essential items on display and store any extras in closed cabinets. A good rule of thumb is to leave about 30-40% of each shelf empty.

Use trays

Trays are great for corralling smaller items on open shelves and keeping things neat. Look for trays that match your kitchen decor. Trays also make it easy to move groups of items at once when cleaning or rearranging shelves.

Add lighting

If your open shelves are in a dim area of the kitchen, add lighting to illuminate the space. Strip lighting, puck lights, or cabinet lighting placed above or inside the open shelves will make the contents easier to see and your kitchen brighter.

Rotate decor

Rotate the items on your open shelves regularly to keep things fresh and seasonal. Swap out everyday dishes for decorative plates, bowls, or platters. Replace cans and jars with decorative containers. Add or remove plants, baskets, or trays. Rotating the styling will make your open shelves more decorative and personalized.

Keeping these tips in mind will help you get organized, make the most of your open cabinet space, and style shelves that you’ll love looking at every day. Open shelving offers lots of opportunities to showcase your style and make a design statement in your kitchen. Have fun with it!


The lowdown on open shelving in kitchens without cabinet doors is as follows. You should have a ton of ideas and inspiration by now about how to make it work in your own place. It gives your kitchen a more airy and open vibe while also adding warmth and texture. Your cutlery and other belongings blend in with the overall design. Additionally, try not to stress too much about maintaining constant perfection in your organization. An open-shelving kitchen’s beauty lies in a little controlled chaos! This is the perfect moment to remove your cabinet doors if you’ve been considering it but have been hesitant. You won’t want to go back after this, your kitchen will thank you.

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