Schuler Cabinets vs KraftMaid: Which Brand is Right for Your Kitchen?


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One of the most crucial choices you’ll make as a homeowner remodeling your kitchen is selecting high-quality cabinets that complement your design and price range. Choosing the brand that best suits your needs might be challenging with so many alternatives available. KraftMaid and Schuler Cabinets are two of the best cabinet manufacturers. Both provide a variety of pricing ranges for their fashionable, robust cabinets. You should take into account a few significant distinctions between the brands before choosing one in the end. This post will contrast the quality, pricing, style, and customization of Schuler Cabinets vs KraftMaid so you can choose the brand that best suits your needs and lets you design the kitchen of your dreams.

Overview of Schuler Cabinets

Schuler Cabinets vs KraftMaid

For more than 50 years, Schuler Cabinets, a reputable American cabinetry firm, has been producing top-notch kitchen and bathroom cabinets. They are renowned for their plywood and solid wood cabinet boxes, soft-close hardware, and an extensive selection of fashionable door profiles in painted, maple, oak, and hickory finishes.

To fit any budget, Schuler provides stock, semi-custom, and completely bespoke cabinet lines. They provide attractive, mid-range solutions with a variety of door shapes, wood types, and finishes in their Designer and Premier series. The Legacy series provides the highest level of customization for upscale projects with its quality wood and paint options, built-in accessories, and drawer storage choices.

With Schuler, you can expect:

    • Superior craftsmanship and construction from North American hardwoods and veneers

    • A wide range of on-trend door styles, from traditional to contemporary

    • High-quality, name-brand hardware including soft-close hinges and drawer glides

  • Custom sizing and modifications to suit your exact kitchen dimensions

Schuler Cabinets Check Price on Amazon

    Because of Schuler’s lifetime guarantee and excellent resale value, you may enjoy your kitchen for many years to come, even if its initial cost may be somewhat higher than that of some rivals. The first choice for homeowners wishing to make an investment in a well-built, fashionable kitchen that will last is Schuler Cabinets. It’s difficult to match their offerings in terms of quality, variety, and service.

    Overview of KraftMaid Cabinets

    Schuler Cabinets vs KraftMaid Which Brand is Right for Your Kitchen

    If you’re looking for high-quality, affordable cabinets, KraftMaid is an excellent option to consider. KraftMaid is one of the largest cabinet manufacturers in the U.S., having produced cabinetry for over 40 years. They offer a wide range of products to suit any budget.

    Style and Design

    There are several door designs, hues, and wood species available at KraftMaid. Simple shaker doors to elaborate raised panels are among their door types. They have doors in maple, oak, hickory, and cherry wood, as well as laminate. Color schemes from KraftMaid include painted finishes including white, gray, and blue in addition to wood tones.

    You’re guaranteed to discover cabinets that complement the design of your kitchen with so many options. To complete the design, KraftMaid also offers matching handles, knobs, moldings, and trim.

    Durability and Quality

    High-grade North American hardwoods and sturdy laminates are used in the construction of KraftMaid cabinets. With adjustable shelves, reinforced corners, and dovetail joinery, these cabinets provide optimal strength and functionality. As evidence of their faith in the durability and functionality of their cabinets, KraftMaid offers a limited lifetime guarantee on its products.

    Pricing and Value

    KraftMaid’s goal is to make stylish, well-made cabinets that are also cheap. They often have sales and deals on their goods that make them even more affordable. KraftMaid also has different price ranges for their cabinet lines, from the affordable Essentials line to the high-end Estate Classics line. You can get nice kitchen drawers without spending a lot of money with KraftMaid.

    On the whole, KraftMaid has a great range, good quality, and good value. Their huge selection of stylish, long-lasting cabinets will surely fit your needs and your budget.

    KraftMaid Cabinets Check Price on Amazon

    Comparing Quality and Construction

    Comparing Quality and Construction

    Compare the quality and construction of Schuler Cabinets and KraftMaid cabinets when deciding between the two brands. Schuler Cabinets are generally regarded as being of superior quality due to their plywood cases and solid wood doors, whereas KraftMaid offers more cost-effective alternatives with particle board boxes and laminate doors.

    Cabinet boxes constructed by Schuler Cabinets are made from high-grade plywood. Plywood is more resilient and warp-resistant than particle board. Typically, cabinet doors are crafted from hardwoods such as maple, oak, or hickory. Doors made of solid wood are attractive and can be refinished if desired. With appropriate maintenance, these high-quality materials produce cabinets that will last for decades.

    KraftMaid’s cabinet cases are made from particle board or medium-density fiberboard (MDF), which are less expensive but less resilient materials. Cabinet doors are frequently fabricated from laminate, melamine, or thermofoil, which offer a less expensive alternative to solid wood but cannot be refinished. Although still of high quality, KraftMaid cabinets typically do not outlast solid wood alternatives.

    Additional factors to consider include:

      • Hardware: Schuler uses heavy-duty, soft-close hardware compared to the basic hardware found on KraftMaid.

      • Drawers: Schuler drawers are dovetailed for maximum strength, while KraftMaid uses simpler joined drawer boxes.

      • Shelving: Schuler shelves are 3/4” thick plywood, stronger than the 1/2” shelves in KraftMaid.

      • Warranty: Schuler offers a lifetime warranty compared to KraftMaid’s 25-year warranty.

    The bottom line is that Schuler Cabinets are better in terms of construction and quality, even if KraftMaid provides reasonably priced, well-made cabinets. Choose solid wood alternatives and dovetailed drawers from Schuler Cabinets for a kitchen makeover that will last a lifetime. If you’re on a low budget or just updating your kitchen temporarily, KraftMaid might be a good option. Choose the brand that is right for your kitchen by taking a close look at your objectives and requirements.

    AspectSchuler CabinetsKraftMaid Cabinets
    QualityKnown for high-qualityOffers a range from
    craftsmanship andbudget to premium
    premium materialsoptions
    CustomizationOffers semi-custom andKnown for extensive
    custom optionscustomization options
    Price RangeGenerally in theOffers a wide range of
    mid to high price rangeprices to suit various
    MaterialsUtilizes premiumOffers a variety of
    materials such as solidmaterials including
    wood and plywoodwood, plywood, and MDF
    Styles and FinishesOffers a variety ofExtensive range of
    styles and finishesstyles and finishes
    Lead TimeMay have longer leadGenerally shorter lead
    times for custom orderstimes compared to
    fully custom cabinets
    WarrantyTypically comes with aOffers warranties
    limited warrantyranging from 1-25 years
    AvailabilityAvailable throughWidely available
    select retailers andthrough a network of
    dealershipsdealers and retailers
    Environmental PracticesCommitted to sustainableFocuses on sustainable
    practices andpractices in production
    eco-friendly optionsand sourcing

    Styles and Design Options

    When choosing between Schuler Cabinets and KraftMaid, consider the style and design options each brand offers to determine which best fits your needs and preferences.

    Door Styles

    Both brands provide a selection of door styles, ranging from simple shakers to intricate raised panel doors. Schuler Cabinets offers 50+ door styles, while KraftMaid has over 70 options. If you prefer a more traditional look, KraftMaid may have more choices. For contemporary styles, either brand would work well.

    Wood Species

    Schuler Cabinets and KraftMaid both use high-quality wood species like maple, oak, hickory, and cherry. KraftMaid also offers bamboo, a sustainable material. Schuler Cabinets provides 5 wood species options and KraftMaid has over 10. If environmentally friendly materials are important, KraftMaid’s bamboo cabinets could be a good choice. For classic wood, either brand provides excellent options.

    Finish Options

    With Schuler Cabinets, you can choose from 10 finish options, including natural wood stains and paints in various sheens. KraftMaid offers over 50 wood stains, paints, and glazes in multiple sheens, from matte to high gloss. If you want a wide range of finishes, especially darker stains or bold painted colors, KraftMaid would likely have more options to suit your tastes.


    Customization of cabinets is possible with both manufacturers; changes may be made to door types, finishes, wood species, and dimensions. Further bespoke choices from KraftMaid might include pull-out trays, soft-close hinges, and inset doors. In terms of highly customized cabinets, KraftMaid could be better suited to fulfill your unique demands and design specifications.

    To summarize, KraftMaid and Schuler Cabinets are of similar quality, however, KraftMaid often provides more alternatives for style, design, and personalization. For the majority of homeowners, Schuler Cabinets still offer a great variety. Selecting the ideal brand for your kitchen renovation might be aided by assessing your priorities.

    Cost Comparison of Schuler Cabinets vs KraftMaid

    Cost should be taken into account when comparing Schuler Cabinets vs KraftMaid for your kitchen renovation budget. While both companies provide excellent products at reasonable prices, KraftMaid is often a little more economical.

    Price Ranges

    The normal pricing range for Schuler Cabinets is between $200 and $500 per linear foot for their basic lines, which is in the middle to high range. The cost of their premium and customized designs may exceed $700 per linear foot. By contrast, KraftMaid’s value and standard collections start at around $150 to $350 per linear foot. Per linear foot, their premium lines are still less than $500.

    Sales and Discounts

    Sales, promotions, and discounts of up to 50% off on certain goods are often offered by KraftMaid. Additionally, they often provide package discounts for purchases of cabinets, countertops, hardware, and accessories all at once. Generally speaking, Schuler Cabinets feature fewer continuing specials and promotions. They do, however, sometimes have seasonal clearance sales that can provide further savings for bulk purchases or for buying the whole kitchen set at once.

    Quality and longevity

    Although KraftMaid cabinets are less expensive up front, Schuler cabinets are usually seen as being of superior caliber in terms of build, lifespan, and quality. Dovetail joinery and premium, long-lasting materials are used by Schuler to increase stability. Their cabinets may endure up to thirty years with the right upkeep and care. While KraftMaid also makes high-quality products, their products may exhibit wear and tear earlier, usually in ten to twenty years.

    To sum up, KraftMaid is the more affordable brand when it comes to price, while Schuler Cabinets is a better option when it comes to long-lasting quality and value. When renovating your kitchen, consider your requirements and objectives to decide if longer-term durability or a smaller initial expenditure is more necessary.


    In the end, selecting new kitchen cabinets is a significant choice that depends on your requirements, financial situation, and personal taste. KraftMaid and Schuler Cabinets are reputable companies offering high-quality goods at affordable prices and first-rate customer support. Consider the characteristics that are most important to you and will make your kitchen a place you enjoy as you weigh your selections. What do you prefer: inexpensive laminates and do-it-yourself designs, or high-end hardwoods and customization? Is shaker style or creative storage solutions more important? You’ll locate the brand that fulfills every need for your ideal kitchen by first deciding what you really must have before you go shopping. After installing gorgeous and long-lasting cabinets, you’ll be prepared to make memories that will endure for many years.

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