Starmark Cabinets vs KraftMaid: Which Brand is Right for You?


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Have you been thinking about renovating your kitchen? One of the biggest decisions you’ll face is choosing new cabinets. Starmark Cabinets and KraftMaid are two of the leading brands, but how do you know which is right for you? Both offer gorgeous styles, high-quality wood, and finishes that will make your kitchen the envy of friends and family. However, there are some key differences you should consider before making up your mind. In this article, we’ll compare Starmark and KraftMaid head-to-head so you can find cabinets that match your style, budget, and needs. Get ready to fall in love with your kitchen all over again!

A Quick Comparison Table

AspectStarmark CabinetsKraftMaid
Material QualityHigh-grade lumberVaries based on selection
ConstructionAll-plywoodParticleboard and plywood
CustomizationExtensive optionsWide range of choices
Finish OptionsDiverse selectionVarious stains and paints
Door StylesVariesExtensive range available
HardwareWide selectionMultiple options
Price RangeHigher-endMid to high-range
Lead TimeLongerGenerally shorter
WarrantyLimited lifetimeVaries by product
Environmental FocusGreen building practicesSustainable practices

Style and Design Options

When it comes to style, both Starmark Cabinets and KraftMaid offer traditional, contemporary, and transitional options to suit any home decor. However, KraftMaid does have a slightly larger selection of door styles, including recessed panel, raised panel, slab, arch, and cathedral. They are also known for more unique finishes like weathered wood, matte black, and washed oak.

In terms of wood species, you’ll find common options like oak, maple, and hickory with either brand. But if you’re looking for something more premium like cherry, walnut, or bamboo, KraftMaid is the winner. They source high-quality wood and are dedicated to responsible forestry practices. For the eco-conscious homeowner, KraftMaid’s reclaimed and FSC-certified wood options are very appealing.

Storage and organizational features are important to consider. Both brands provide solutions like pull-out trays, tilt-outs, lazy Susans, and drawer dividers. However, KraftMaid is known for its innovative storage designs and options, like its Pantry Pull-Out system and Space Corner cabinet. Their Glideware cutlery trays and tray dividers are also popular options for keeping everything in its place.

In the end, while Starmark Cabinets provides attractive and well-made options for any budget, KraftMaid comes out ahead in terms of premium styles, unique finishes, wood species, and storage features. If you’re looking to make a statement or want the latest in cabinet innovation, KraftMaid is probably your brand. But for affordability and simplicity, Starmark Cabinets will work great too. The choice comes down to your priorities and how much you’re willing to invest in a show-stopping kitchen.

Wood and Material Types

When it comes to materials, you have options with both Starmark and KraftMaid. Let’s compare:

Starmark Cabinets offers maple, oak, cherry, and hickory wood species for their cabinet boxes and doors. These high-quality hardwoods provide durability and a natural, attractive appearance. For a more affordable and eco-friendly choice, Starmark also offers MDF (medium-density fiberboard) painted cabinetry.

  • Maple is a tight-grained, white wood that takes stains and paints well. It’s a popular, budget-friendly choice.
  • Oak has a distinctive wood grain pattern and amber tones. It’s a traditional and durable option.
  • Cherry wood darkens over time, developing a rich, reddish patina. It has an heirloom quality.
  • Hickory is a rustic, open-grained wood with dramatic color variations. It has a very distinct look.
  • MDF is an engineered wood that comes pre-painted in a variety of colors. It provides an economical option with uniformity.

KraftMaid also offers maple, oak, hickory, and cherry, as well as MDF and laminate options. In addition, they are known for high-quality plywood boxes reinforced with solid wood frames for maximum durability and stability. KraftMaid’s Signature Series showcases dovetail drawer boxes, full-extension soft-close drawer glides, and sturdy corner blocks for extra strength.

In the end, both brands provide attractive, well-made cabinetry with various wood and material types to suit your needs, style preferences, and budget. The specific types of wood and construction can help determine what’s the best fit for your kitchen remodel.

Finish and Color Selection

When choosing between Starmark Cabinets and KraftMaid, the selection of finishes and colors is an important factor to consider for your kitchen remodel. Both brands offer a variety of wood species, paints, and stains to match any style.

Starmark Cabinets provides many premium wood options like cherry, maple, oak, and hickory in a range of stain shades. They are also known for unique distressed and glazed finishes that provide an antique, rustic feel. In terms of paint, Starmark offers latex and acrylic options in popular colors like antique white, gray, and navy.

KraftMaid also provides high-quality wood species, but they are particularly known for their large selection of painted finishes. They offer over 50 standard paint colors in styles ranging from bright whites to deep charcoals. KraftMaid uses a multi-step painting process that results in an ultra-smooth, furniture-quality finish. They also offer glazes and distressing techniques to achieve a custom look.

When it comes to trends, both brands stay on the cutting edge. Starmark releases new collections each year based on the latest kitchen and bath trends, like mixed metal accents, two-toned cabinets, and urban modern styles. Similarly, KraftMaid introduces new paint and stain colors annually based on forecasts from leading color experts.

In the end, you can’t go wrong with either brand if you’re looking for a stylish, high-quality kitchen. Starmark may have an edge with its unique, custom distressed finishes. But KraftMaid is hard to beat for its wide range of on-trend paint colors. Consider your own style and what will work best in your home. With the variety of options from Starmark Cabinets and KraftMaid, you’re sure to find the perfect look for your kitchen.

Hardware and Accessories

When choosing between Starmark Cabinets and KraftMaid, one of the biggest factors to consider is the hardware and accessories each brand offers. Hardware—like knobs, pulls, and hinges—and accessories are what give your kitchen cabinets their finishing touches and really allow you to customize the look.

Starmark Cabinets provides a variety of stylish and high-quality hardware options to suit any taste, from traditional to contemporary. They offer knobs, pulls, and handles in materials like brushed nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, satin chrome, and matte black. Starmark’s soft-close hinges are also a popular choice, allowing cabinet doors to close silently and smoothly.

KraftMaid takes hardware and accessories to the next level with its KraftMaid Design Studio. This interactive design tool lets you visualize different knobs, pulls, and hinges for your specific cabinet style and finish. KraftMaid offers an array of on-trend hardware styles, from sleek black pulls to farmhouse-inspired bin pulls to modern chrome knobs. They are also known for their slow-close hinges, which gently and noiselessly close cabinet doors.

Some other accessories to consider include:

  • • Under-cabinet lighting: provides task lighting and ambiance. Both brands offer LED lighting options.
  • • Drawer organizers: keep cutlery, utensils, and other items neatly organized inside drawers. Available for both Starmark and KraftMaid.
  • • Cabinet door panels: decorative panels that attach to cabinet door fronts. KraftMaid offers more panel options, including glass and metal inserts.
  • • Moldings and trim: finishing touches like crown molding, light rails, and base trim. Starmark and KraftMaid provide various profiles to choose from.

In the end, while Starmark may have a slight edge on hardware styles, and KraftMaid’s more advanced accessory offerings, both brands provide high-quality hardware and accessories to give your kitchen cabinets a custom-finished look. Choose what suits your personal style and needs.

Pricing and Budget

When determining which cabinet brand is right for your budget, pricing is obviously a key factor to consider. Both Starmark Cabinets and KraftMaid offer products at varying price points, so you’ll want to evaluate your options based on the specific style and features you need.

Starmark Cabinets are typically considered an affordable yet high-quality brand. Their lower-priced cabinets start at around $75 per linear foot for basic slab door styles with minimal features. Mid-range cabinets with nicer door profiles, soft-closing hardware, and more storage accessories average $125 to $200 per linear foot. For high-end styles with premium wood species, decorative glazes, and organizational upgrades, expect to pay $250 per linear foot or more.

KraftMaid is also a reputable brand with competitive pricing, though it does tend to cost slightly more than Starmark. Their value lines begin at around $100 per linear foot, while mid-range and high-end cabinets start at $150 and $250 per linear foot, respectively. However, KraftMaid frequently runs sales and promotions that can help offset some of the higher costs. They are also carried by big box stores like Home Depot, so you may be able to find lower prices there versus buying from a kitchen design showroom.

In the end, Starmark Cabinets will likely be a more budget-friendly choice if cost is a concern. However, KraftMaid still offers good value for money, especially if you catch a sale. The brand you choose comes down to how much you want to invest in your kitchen renovation, and whether certain features or styles offered by KraftMaid are worth the potential extra expense in your eyes.

Either of these reputable brands can work with almost any budget. The final decision is a personal one based on your unique style preferences, how long you plan to stay in your home, and how much value high-end cabinets could add. With some smart shopping, you really can’t go wrong!

Quality and Craftsmanship

When it comes to quality and craftsmanship, both Starmark Cabinets and KraftMaid are reputable brands that produce high-quality kitchen cabinets. However, there are some differences to consider:

Starmark Cabinets are handcrafted from high-grade wood and materials. They use dovetail joinery and reinforced corner blocks for durability. Starmark also hand-sands and hand-stains each cabinet for an artisanal look. If customization and premium quality are top priorities, Starmark Cabinets would be an excellent choice.

KraftMaid also produces well-made cabinets with quality wood and durable construction. While not quite as high-end as Starmark, KraftMaid uses wood-to-wood joinery, reinforced frames, and high-quality finishes. KraftMaid aims to strike the optimal balance between quality and affordability. So if you want attractive, solid cabinets at a lower price point, KraftMaid would suit you well.

Warranties and Certifications

Starmark Cabinets come with a lifetime limited warranty for defects in materials and workmanship. KraftMaid provides a 25-year limited warranty. Both brands are certified by the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA) which ensures their cabinets meet certain standards for performance, durability, and safety.

When weighing quality and craftsmanship, consider how much customization and premium features matter to you. Starmark would be the pinnacle of luxury and customization. KraftMaid provides exceptional quality for the price. Either brand would provide you with cabinets to last a lifetime with their solid wood construction and durable finishes. The choice comes down to how much you want to splurge on the ultimate custom kitchen.

Warranty and Customer Service

When deciding between Starmark Cabinets and KraftMaid, one of the most important factors to consider is the warranty and customer service offered by each brand. After all, if something goes wrong with your new kitchen cabinets, you want to know the company will stand behind its products and help resolve any issues.

Starmark Cabinets provides a limited lifetime warranty on all their cabinetry. This means they will repair or replace any defective parts for as long as you own the cabinets. They also offer full replacement of cabinets that suffer structural damage, as long as they were installed properly. Many homeowners report receiving prompt, helpful service from Starmark’s customer support. They aim to resolve most issues within 3 to 5 business days.

KraftMaid also provides a limited lifetime warranty on their cabinets, covering defects in materials and workmanship. However, some types of damage, like scratches, dents, or water damage, are not covered under their warranty. KraftMaid’s customer service receives mixed reviews from homeowners. Some report quick, courteous service, while others complain of long wait times, unresolved issues, and a lack of accountability. If warranty service is a top priority, KraftMaid may be a riskier choice.

In the end, while both Starmark Cabinets and KraftMaid are reputable brands with lifetime warranties, Starmark appears to have the edge when it comes to customer service and ensuring your satisfaction. Their comprehensive warranty and responsive support team may give you greater peace of mind in case any problems arise down the road. If superior warranty and service are most important to you, Starmark Cabinets could be your best choice.

Where to Buy: Retailers and Locations

When it comes time to choose a cabinet brand for your kitchen remodel, you have some big decisions to make. Two of the top contenders are likely to be Starmark Cabinets and KraftMaid. Both are reputable brands that offer high-quality, stylish cabinets to suit any budget. But how do you determine which is the best choice for your home?


Starmark Cabinets and KraftMaid products are sold through third-party retailers, so you’ll need to find an authorized dealer in your area. Starmark is available at Lowe’s home improvement stores across the U.S. and Canada, as well as select kitchen and bath showrooms. KraftMaid partners with The Home Depot, local kitchen and bath showrooms, and lumber yards. Check the websites for both brands to search for retailers by zip code.


In terms of cost, Starmark Cabinets and KraftMaid are fairly comparable. Both brands offer options at a range of price points to suit any budget. KraftMaid’s lower-end selections may have a slight edge, but overall, you can find high-quality, affordable cabinets from either brand. The specific style, wood type, and features will determine the final price.


Whether you prefer a rustic, traditional, contemporary, or transitional look, both Starmark and KraftMaid have an extensive selection of door styles and finishes to choose from. Starmark is known for more contemporary and modern designs, while KraftMaid also provides a wide range of traditional cabinetry. Both offer popular wood types like oak, maple, and cherry in a variety of stains and paints.

In the end, choosing between Starmark Cabinets or KraftMaid comes down to the specific cabinets and style you want, availability in your area, and budget. You really can’t go wrong with either of these reputable brands. Check them both out, visit local showrooms if possible, and go with the one that meets all your needs and provides the best value for your money.

FAQs: Key Questions About Starmark Cabinets and KraftMaid Answered

So you’re trying to decide between Starmark Cabinets and KraftMaid for your kitchen remodel. Both brands are reputable, so how do you choose? Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about these cabinet lines to help you determine which is right for your needs.

Are Starmark Cabinets or KraftMaid more affordable?

If budget is a concern, KraftMaid generally offers lower price points. Their value lines start around $200 per linear foot, while Starmark’s most affordable collections begin around $350 per linear foot. However, both brands frequently run sales and promotions that can help offset costs.

What types of materials and styles do they offer?

Whether you prefer a traditional, contemporary, or transitional look, both Starmark and KraftMaid have a wide range of door styles and finishes to choose from. They offer wood, laminate, and painted options in colors from white to espresso. Starmark is known for high-quality wood veneers, while KraftMaid offers more laminate and MDF doors.

How are the quality and construction?

Both brands are reputable and build cabinets to last. They use high-quality joinery, hardware, and wood or wood composite materials. Starmark is generally considered a step above luxury and build quality, but KraftMaid still makes a durable, well-constructed cabinet. For the best quality, look for plywood boxes, dovetail joinery, and soft-close hardware.

Do they offer organizational accessories and storage solutions?

Yes, both KraftMaid and Starmark offer a variety of built-in organizational tools like trash pull-outs, drawer dividers, and lazy Susans. KraftMaid’s Fit System offers more customizable drawer organizers. If maximizing storage is important, consider options like appliance garages, pantry cabinets, and drawer bases.

What is the warranty and customer service like?

KraftMaid and Starmark both provide lifetime limited warranties on all cabinet lines. They have a reputation for good customer service and stand by their products. As with any kitchen remodel, issues can arise, so a solid warranty and helpful customer support provide peace of mind.

In the end, you can’t go wrong with either of these trusted brands. By determining your priorities, like budget, style, and functionality, you can choose the cabinet line that fits you best. Starmark offers luxury quality at a higher price, while KraftMaid provides great value and style at more affordable price points. But whichever you select, you’ll enjoy a high-quality, stylish result.


So there you have it, a full rundown of Starmark Cabinets vs KraftMaid. As you can see, both brands would be excellent choices for your kitchen remodel, with high-quality, stylish cabinets to choose from. At the end of the day, you need to go with what feels right for you and suits your budget. Maybe Starmark’s custom cabinetry and style options call out to your inner interior designer. Or perhaps Kraftmaid’s reputation and warranty give you peace of mind for your investment. Whichever brand you choose, you really can’t go wrong. Now get out there, pick your dream cabinets, and start designing your dream kitchen! The possibilities are endless.

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