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Looking for the best modern paint colors to pair with your cherry cabinets? Look no further! Our gallery features a stunning array of kitchen paint color ideas, sure to inspire your next remodel.

You’re familiar with the style—those rich, warm cherry cabinets that provide an immediate homey, classic feel to a kitchen. However, if your kitchen is stuck in the past, the dark wood and out-of-date paint colors might give the room a claustrophobic, boring vibe. The good news is that you can make your cherry cabinet kitchen into a contemporary showpiece with a fresh coat of paint in a trendy hue. Cherry cabinets look stunning when painted in the newest trendy paint colors that we’ve compiled. There is an inspired palette here for any style, whether you want bright and bold, airy and light, or dramatic and deep. Prepare to fall head over heels in love with your kitchen!

Choosing the Right Paint Finish for Cherry Cabinets

Choosing the Right Paint Finish for Cherry Cabinets

The appearance and level of durability you want are the main factors to consider when selecting a paint finish. Eggshell or satin paints are excellent choices for cherry cabinets. They provide a subtle gloss that accentuates the grain of the wood while being stain- and scratch-resistant.

Eggshell paint is not as shiny as satin paint, which has a shine similar to silk. Its ability to withstand moisture and washability makes it a popular option for bathrooms and kitchens. Cherry cabinets go well with satin paint in warm, rich hues like coffee, nutmeg, or cinnamon.

Eggshell paint has a low gloss and a velvety, soft texture. Although scrubbable and long-lasting, it may show flaws more than satin. Cherry cabinets with eggshell paint in tones of milk, tan, or light gray create a cozy, inviting atmosphere.

Steer clear of flat paint in high-traffic areas like kitchens. Its matte texture is very readily marked and stained. Similarly, steer clear of high-gloss paint, since its glossy appearance may overwhelm the cherry wood.

Select two to three paint finish samples in colors that you prefer. let your walls have broad patches of paint and let them a few days to settle in. Before choosing a color, have a look at them in various lighting conditions to see which shade you like most. Your cherry cabinets should shine and feel like they belong in the overall design when the hue is just right. Your kitchen will look great for many years to come if you choose the correct paint color and finish.

The Best White and Off-White Paint Colors

The Best White and Off-White Paint Colors, Cherry Cabinets

If you have cherry cabinets in your kitchen, choosing the perfect paint color for the walls can be tricky. The dark, reddish wood can make some colors seem dull or washed out in comparison. The good news is there are several shades of white and off-white that pair beautifully with cherry cabinets, brightening the space while complementing the warm wood tones.

The Best Bright Whites

The Best Bright Whites, Cherry Cabinets

For a clean, airy look, consider a bright white like Benjamin Moore’s Linen White or Sherwin Williams’ High Reflective White. These crisp shades make a statement against the rich cherry cabinets. They also help open up smaller kitchens, giving an expansive feel.

Creamy Off-Whites

Creamy Off-Whites, Cherry Cabinets

Slightly warmer off-whites are also a great choice. Colors like Benjamin Moore’s Antique White, Sherwin Williams’ Alabaster, or Behr’s Swiss Coffee provide a softer contrast that highlights the cherry cabinetry. These creamy hues give kitchens a traditional cottage feel.

Subtle Grays

Subtle Grays, Cherry Cabinets

Light grays are a stylish modern option that works surprisingly well with cherry cabinets. Shades like Benjamin Moore’s Horizon or Sherwin Williams’ Repose Gray cool things down while still harmonizing with the warm wood tones. For the most up-to-date look, pair gray walls with brushed chrome or satin nickel cabinet hardware.

In the end, the best way to choose a paint color is to buy some samples, paint large swatches on your kitchen walls, and live with them for a few days. See how the colors change in different lighting and compare directly against your cherry cabinets. With so many beautiful shades to pick from, you’re sure to find a new favorite that makes your kitchen glow.

Soft Gray Kitchen Paint Colors That Complement the Cherry

Soft Gray Kitchen Paint Colors That Complement the Cherry

Soft gray paint colors are a perfect complement to cherry cabinetry. Their muted, neutral tones help balance the rich, warm wood while still keeping the space modern and sleek. Here are some stylish gray paint colors to consider for your kitchen with cherry cabinets:

Silver Strand by Sherwin Williams

Silver Strand by Sherwin Williams

A light, airy gray with subtle blue undertones. This shade is ideal if you want to keep your kitchen bright and open. The cool gray undertones pair nicely with the warm cherry wood.

Chelsea Gray by Benjamin Moore

Chelsea Gray by Benjamin Moore

A popular, medium-toned gray that leans slightly blue. This versatile color works well on walls but can also be used for cabinets, trim, or ceilings. It’s a great all-purpose gray that provides contrast for cherry cabinets without dominating the space.

Peppercorn by Behr

Peppercorn by Behr

A deep, dramatic gray with hints of blue and green. For a cozy kitchen, use this rich shade on walls surrounding your cherry cabinets. It creates a stylish, moody look while still allowing the wood cabinets to shine through. Use lighter grays on ceilings and trim to prevent the space from feeling too dark.

Classic Gray by Valspar

Classic Gray by Valspar

A medium, mineral-toned gray. With its stony, mineral base, Classic Gray is a natural pairing for rich wood tones. It provides a neutral but polished backdrop for cherry cabinets. Its versatility also makes it suitable for cabinets, walls, trim, or ceilings.

Concrete by Dulux

Concrete by Dulux A medium-light gray with beige undertones, reminiscent of weathered concrete. This mellow, mineral-inspired shade works beautifully with cherry wood. Use it on walls, trim, or ceilings for an industrial look that highlights the warmth of the wood cabinets.

A medium-light gray with beige undertones, reminiscent of weathered concrete. This mellow, mineral-inspired shade works beautifully with cherry wood. Use it on walls, trim, or ceilings for an industrial look that highlights the warmth of the wood cabinets.

Soft grays are stylish yet subtle, allowing the beauty of the cherry wood to shine through. By choosing shades with complementary undertones, you can create a kitchen that is sleek, modern, and warm all at once. Your cherry cabinets will love the company!

Bold and Vibrant Paint Colors to Make Your Cherry Cabinets Pop

Bold and Vibrant Paint Colors to Make Your Cherry Cabinets Pop

Want to make a dramatic statement in your kitchen? Consider pairing your cherry cabinets with a bold, vibrant wall color. These eye-catching shades will make your cherry cabinets the focal point of the room.

Crimson Red

Crimson Red, Modern Kitchen Paint Colors With Cherry Cabinets Pictures

A rich, deep red like crimson or burgundy pairs beautifully with cherry cabinets. The dark red walls accentuate the warm, reddish tones in the wood. For extra drama, paint the ceiling the same bold red.


Teal, Modern Kitchen Paint Colors With Cherry Cabinets Pictures

A jewel-toned teal is an unexpected but stunning choice for a kitchen with cherry cabinets. The teal color makes a vibrant contrast that highlights the beautiful grain of the wood. For a more subtle look, choose a teal with gray or green undertones rather than a bright turquoise.

Mustard Yellow

Mustard Yellow, Modern Kitchen Paint Colors With Cherry Cabinets Pictures

Mustard yellow is a fun, retro-inspired color that gives a kitchen with cherry cabinets a cheerful vibe. The warm yellow shade complements the warm red tones in the wood. For a cozier feel, opt for a darker, spicier yellow rather than a bright lemon shade.

Forest Green

Forest Green, Modern Kitchen Paint Colors With Cherry Cabinets Pictures

A rich forest or hunter green provides a dramatic contrast for cherry cabinets. The deep green color emphasizes the reddish hue of the wood. For a nature-inspired palette, pair forest green walls with natural materials like stone countertops.

Eggplant Purple

Eggplant Purple, Modern Kitchen Paint Colors With Cherry Cabinets Pictures

A deep, eggplant purple creates an opulent, luxurious look when paired with cherry cabinets. The dark purple walls highlight the reddish tones in the wood while giving the kitchen a glamorous, jewel-box vibe. White countertops or tile backsplashes help brighten the dark color palette.

Painting your kitchen walls a bold, vibrant color is an easy way to give new life to your cherry cabinets. Choose a shade from the red, green, blue, or yellow color family that you love. Pairing dramatic walls with warm wood accents creates a stylish space with rustic charm. Your kitchen will become the heart of your home.

Warm Neutral Paint Colors for a Cozy Look

Warm neutral paint colors are a great choice if you want to create a cozy kitchen atmosphere. They pair beautifully with cherry cabinets and offer a versatile backdrop for any decor style. Consider these soothing shades:

Creamy off-white

Creamy off-white, Modern Kitchen Paint Colors With Cherry Cabinets Pictures

An off-white or ivory shade is a classic neutral that brightens a space without overpowering it. Try a shade like Benjamin Moore’s Swiss Coffee or Sherwin Williams’ High Reflective White. These muted off-whites have warm, creamy undertones that complement cherry wood.

  • Eggshell or satin sheen: For kitchens, an eggshell or satin finish is ideal. It’s durable and moisture-resistant but still provides some warmth.
  • Accent with texture: Add visual interest with a stone backsplash, brick accent wall, or tile floor in beige, brown, or terra cotta.

Pale sand

Pale sand, Modern Kitchen Paint Colors With Cherry Cabinets Pictures

For a beachy feel, a pale sand shade is perfect. It evokes a sense of warmth and calm. Look at colors like Behr’s Beach House or Valspar’s Sandcastle. These muted sandy neutrals pair naturally with the rich red tones of cherry cabinets.

  • Matte finish: Consider matte paint for walls in a pale sand shade. The soft, muted finish enhances the casual vibe.
  • Beach-inspired accents: Bring in natural woven baskets, rattan stools, driftwood pieces, and seashell accents to complete the coastal look.

Warm taupe

Warm taupe, Modern Kitchen Paint Colors With Cherry Cabinets Pictures

A warm taupe shade, like Benjamin Moore’s Edgecomb Gray or Sherwin Williams’ Accessible Beige, is a great neutral that straddles the line between brown and gray. It has beige and brown undertones that complement cherrywood beautifully while still feeling current and modern.

  • Semi-gloss trim: Use semi-gloss paint on trim and doors to provide contrast with matte or satin walls. The subtle sheen highlights the architectural details in your kitchen.
  • Metallic accents: Warm up a taupe kitchen with copper, bronze, or gold accents like pendant lights, faucets, cabinet hardware, or decor. The metallic touches bring warmth and glamor.

With the right warm neutral shade and a few accents, you can create a kitchen that feels cozy, stylish, and bright. Your cherry cabinets will feel right at home with paint colors in creamy off-whites, pale sands or warm taupes. A new coat of paint may be all your kitchen needs to feel fresh again!

Cool-Toned Grays for a Sleek, Modern Esthetic

Cool grays are a popular choice for modern kitchens and pair beautifully with cherry cabinets. Their cool, soothing tones create a stylish space with an updated, sleek feel.

Light or Medium Gray

A light or medium gray, like Benjamin Moore’s Coventry Gray or Sherwin Williams’ Mindful Gray, opens up a kitchen and brightens the space. These versatile shades work well on walls and upper cabinets, allowing cherry lower cabinets to pop. The contrast between the grays and the warm, reddish cherry wood creates an eye-catching design.

  • Benjamin Moore Coventry Gray: A light, silvery gray that reflects light to make a room appear more open and airy.
  • Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray: A medium, mushroomy gray that straddles the line between warm and cool. It has brownish undertones that complement cherry wood.

Dark Charcoal Gray

For a bolder, more dramatic look, consider painting walls or cabinets in dark charcoal gray like Benjamin Moore’s Coventry Gray or Behr’s Granite Dust. These deep, smoky grays pair strikingly with cherry cabinets, especially if you paint just one wall or the island. The dark gray makes a statement while allowing the beautiful wood grain of the cherry cabinets to remain a focal point.

  • Benjamin Moore Coventry Gray: A deep, charcoal gray that adds drama and a touch of masculinity.
  • Behr Granite Dust: A rich, sultry gray with subtle blue undertones reminiscent of raw steel or granite.

Whether light and airy or deep and dramatic, grays of all shades marry well with cherry cabinets in a modern kitchen. Combining cool grays and warm cherry wood creates an eye-catching and stylish space with a sleek, contemporary feel. What look will you go for in your kitchen? The possibilities for a stunning color palette are endless!

Accent Wall Ideas to Showcase Your Cherry Cabinets

Painting just one wall a bold color is an easy way to showcase your cherry cabinets without overpowering the space. An accent wall in your kitchen can create an eye-catching focal point and highlight the rich wood tones of cherry cabinetry. Consider these accent wall color ideas:


  • Deep red: A dramatic red accent wall pairs perfectly with cherry cabinets. Burgundy, merlot, or cabernet create a luxurious, stylish look. The deep red shade will intensify the warm tones of the wood and create a cozy, inviting space.
  • Olive green: For a nature-inspired kitchen, paint one wall in olive green. The earthy green shade complements the reddish undertones of cherry wood. Olive green also pairs nicely with natural materials like granite countertops and stone backsplashes.
  • Navy blue: A nautical-themed kitchen gets a stylish update with a navy blue accent wall. The deep blue shade creates a striking contrast with the cherry cabinets. For a coastal vibe, combine a navy wall with white countertops, blue and white accessories, and brushed nickel hardware.
  • Charcoal: For a contemporary kitchen, a charcoal gray accent wall is a chic, modern choice with cherry cabinets. The dark gray shade creates a dramatic contrast but still complements the warm wood tones. Pair a charcoal wall with sleek stainless steel appliances and hardware for an industrial look.
  • Sunny yellow: To brighten up a kitchen and create a cheerful space, paint an accent wall lemon yellow. The sunny shade will make your cherry cabinets pop and bring warmth to the room. A yellow accent wall works especially well in kitchens with lots of natural light.

An accent wall in a bold, dramatic color is an easy DIY upgrade that can give your kitchen a custom, designer look. With so many fabulous options to choose from, you’re sure to find an accent wall color that will make your cherry cabinets the star of the show.

Paint Color Combinations With Cherry Cabinets

When it comes to choosing paint colors for your kitchen with cherry cabinets, there are several stunning combinations to consider. Here are a few of our favorite modern paint color pairings:

Creamy Whites

A crisp white or off-white paint pairs beautifully with cherry cabinets. Some great options include:

  • Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee: A warm creamy white that complements cherry tones.
  • Sherwin Williams Alabaster: A soft white that brightens the space without clashing with the cabinets.

Pale Grays

Subtle grays are a stylish, contemporary choice for kitchens with cherry cabinets. Look at shades like:

  • Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter: A light pewter gray that creates a sleek, modern look.
  • Sherwin Williams Repose Gray: A refreshing light grayish blue that makes a statement.

Rich Jewel Tones

For a bold, dramatic look, consider deep jewel-toned paint colors such as:

  • Benjamin Moore Midnight Sapphire: A rich navy blue that contrasts beautifully with cherry cabinets.
  • Sherwin Williams Caviar: A deep blackish brown that gives the kitchen a sophisticated feel.

Woodland Hues

Paint colors inspired by nature, like mossy greens and earthy browns, effortlessly complement the warm wood tones of cherry cabinets. Some recommendations would be:

  • Benjamin Moore River Reflections: A deep teal green reminiscent of peacock feathers.
  • Sherwin Williams Roasted Coffee: A rich coffee brown hue perfect for cherry cabinets.

Whether you prefer an airy neutral, bold jewel tone or natural woodland shade, there are many stylish paint colors for kitchens with cherry cabinets. Choosing a color you love will make your kitchen a space you enjoy for years to come. With the right paint color, your cherry cabinets can take on a whole new life.

Frequently Asked Questions About Painting With Cherry Cabinets

Do I have to paint my cherry cabinets?

Painting over cherry cabinets is not for everyone. Cherry wood has a beautiful, warm tone that many homeowners love. However, if you’re looking for an updated, modern kitchen, paint can be a great option. Paint allows you to dramatically change the look and style of your space without the high cost of replacing the cabinets.

Some of the most popular paint colors for cherry cabinets include:

  • Light, airy colors like cream, ivory, or light gray. These help brighten the space and balance out the warm cherry tones.
  • Crisp white. A bright white paint is a classic choice for cherry cabinets and helps create a clean, modern look.
  • Medium, moody colors like navy blue or forest green. These deep, dramatic shades nicely complement the red undertones of the cherry wood.
  • Charcoal or chocolate brown. For a cozy, coordinated look, choose a brown tone a few shades darker than your cherry cabinets.

In the end, the best paint color for your cherry cabinets depends on the look and feel you want in your kitchen. Don’t be afraid to try out samples of a few different hues before committing to one.


These stunning contemporary paint hues will definitely make your cherry cabinets stand out. We’ve provided you with many of ideas, so you may go dramatic with a deep charcoal gray, lighten things up with a cheery red, or keep it neutral and breezy with a warm creamy white. Choosing color samples, experimenting with them on your walls, and determining which shade best complements your design and area are now the exciting parts. In order to choose a hue that will look its best at various times of day, be sure to take into account how much natural light your kitchen receives.

It’s important to remember the last details that really bring a color scheme together, such as matching backsplashes, hardware, lighting fixtures, worktops, and décor elements. You may make your cherry cabinets the fashionable centerpiece of a kitchen you’ll enjoy for years to come by choosing the proper hue and accessories. Happy renovating and painting!

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